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  1. Was that an official server? I find that the prim+ server I play on has been quite poor recently but then Im a EU player playing on a presumably US server. It does have its bad days though and its so frustrating when you lag whilst trying to kill a Rex or Carno on a beach and end up hitting the water - 'flying through the air leaving your bird behind'.
  2. I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look into the possibility of taming a high lvl bear ready for a cave run (would be my first run so it may not go well). I also put a Ballista on the back of a one of Dinos so that might be a laugh to go on later. Other than that, Ill be hopping on later with some friends and will put a few hrs into just socialising and doing a few little chores.
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