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  1. Where would you like this Jat? Just posting this data on this thread? Center60 is the server it happens on, Abberation also. In short I am using the ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark S MOBO, Intel i7 4790k CPU, 16gb DDR 3 Corsair Dominator RAM, AMD R9 295x2 GPU and Win10 64bit. This specific crash occurs at random times - it can be 5 mins after starting, or even 40 mins - there is no knowing of when this happens but the game generally gets jerky a few moments before it occurs. Im running at 50fps at 1920 x 1440p and generally the game is smooth. I have shadows and sky effects off, and most optional extras turned off too. But I will screen shot this later when at home. Please remediate this issue as the amount of times I have lost a tame due to being kicked off game has got a little depressing now and I rarely leave the base on my own as I prefer a friend to be out with me so it can protect my tame whilst I try and log back in quickly. Thanks Anarki
  2. Double breeding?

    It was double maturation last weekend but it is totally random, so don't try to work out any pattern or not. I doubt they will do it again this weekend, but I could be wrong.
  3. Player Count on Official Servers.

    Peak times at weekends on Center60 is 60+ but I havent had an issue getting on just yet. Think our limit is 100. I guess as its pillared 98% - no newer players are bothering so its the usual suspects logging on
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Great to see you back Cymas, and sorry to hear that you lost all your items everything on your other server. I look forward to reading your stories and experiences again. I didnt log on last night, just too tired from work just now but we had a pretty good weekend, raising 3 more Rexes and collecting a few more Artifacts - only jump puzzle to do now, and then we can hit gamma on Center. We have a pen next to the building where the boss Rexes and The Allos hang out - just taking in the fresh air - not enough open space to build a building for them. Bases are in a good shape with the 3 main bases pretty much where we wanted them now - One for the breeding Spinos, Rexes and any non-critical eggers. They just stay in a big barn with the a pair of Wyvs and a Quetz sitting on top. We have a shoreline base which houses our Theris, Res collectors and Barys and even though this is only stone, it seems safe enough - we just leave the Bronto to do its own thing outside. Main base has everything and is now made purely of metal and glass. Still too many dinos up in our main area so building a second story on the shoreline base so we can move some more dinos out of our crafting/storing quarters. This week its will be just to continue gaining artifacts and raising the odd Rex to see if we can get closer to the stats we can merge together. Busy busy busy
  5. Can I kill this giga?

    Build a big metal wall and keep the bugger out
  6. I guess its the feeling that its a fair playing field? To a certain extent anyway. I play Official for two things, I like the longevity of the game, and feeling part of a community who are similar to myself. We dont get too many people asking for anything other than a trade or a little help retrieving something whereas on an unofficial, I have come across people asking for faster rates, spawn this and that in. People come and go on an unofficial far more often and the community weakens but its only my opinion and yes, there are issues on official but I just put up with it. I log off naked, and pray I'm alive and everything else is too when I log back in.
  7. Problems With Mutations

    Sorry - did this question get answered?
  8. Problems With Mutations

    If this is correct, please confirm my theory below? Ive a male 310 Ptera with 18/20 mutations on both mat and pat sides. I have a female 304 Ptera with 16/20 on both mat and pat sides. I have tamed a clean female and male set of Pteras to clean the mut stat counter. If I breed m 310 with clean female, and the f 304 with the clean male - get the luck and the stats follow over to both babies - these babies should be effectively clean? If I am again lucky and get a male and female baby and breed these - I should with any luck get a 0/0 mut stat counter - is this correct? Thanks Anarki
  9. Fertilised eggs on capped server

    The breeding needs to be stopped when the server is at cap for a very good reason - not all dino's produce eggs from breeding. if you mate a pair of bears - what would be the point in having a paused pregnant dino? Its best to put a hold to breeding entirely until the cap is removed.
  10. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I had a good run over the holiday period. Bred my second, third and fourth Rexes on this server, and got a 248 so was fairly happy, 12k hp, 372 melee and managed a good 88% imprint so the stats were boosted even better. I spent a little time on aberration but nothing too much as I decided to use the quiet time on our Center server (everyone is on aberration or Rag) and collect Red crates from the Lava Cave. I worked out a really nice bonus way of collecting the drops and getting 3 items instead of just 1 or 2. I ended up with copious amounts of asc bps and gear - and in just under a week I got nearly everything I wanted except the Rex bp - a friend has one I can have though which is nice. Saving up the artifacts now and will be ready to run Gamma very soon to see how our Rexes fare. A few Christmas tames were added to the pack but nothing too outrageous considering some of the hideous colours I was seeing haha
  11. What's your favourite map?

    I generally prefer the Center too even though I can appreciate Ragnarok - but for me its just too big. I like the differing sections of the Center, and also the cave layouts. Finally, there are always more high lvl dinos for taming on the Center in my opinion.
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    After someone kited a Giga into the lava Cave and killed my 3 rexes at the entrance I had dont done much caving recently - that changed over the Christmas period. I took a rex purely levelled in Stam (5k), HP (10k) and then a little melee (450) and have run the cave about 10 times even when the Christmas event has been running. I have got some good loot and some poor loot that I didnt even think would exist in the red crates. Im hoping for a rex bp but no luck as yet. A few of the drops from memory so far are: Asc Bary Saddle BP, 252% Asc Crossbow BP, Asc lance BP, Asc Araneo Saddle BP, an assortment of Asc ghillie armours and Asc Bronto Saddle BP. Quite a few MC Shotgun BPs and a few other MC saddles including one I will keep for myself - Asc Thyla saddle. I raised a few Pteras and a Rex - nothing too major but the Ptera is now lvl 310 at birth with one small stat left to include. Aberration has been ok with 140 Carnos and Ravagers - shame I didnt put enough meat in the trough and I left our 230 ravager twins to die - tribemate wasnt happy with me for that. So other than the constant game crashingdue to the D3D hung error - its been quite productive. This week will be a daedon or a Yuti hunt - looking forward to it
  13. Im still having this issue, totally, random times this occurs. PC way above spec but this is constantly causing me to lose dinos when out in battle. Come on WC, please give us a decent Christmas present by fixing this issue.
  14. Season Pass

    Season pass I believe is SE, Aberration and the 3rd DLC. No more after that.
  15. So this exact issue has started to happen to me this week - before Aberration or a 'certain' patch I rarely had any issues with ARK. Not only is this happening regularly, it is now happening on 'center' map and I this didnt do this before so I dont think this is a specific map issue. Any ideas would be great. Running Core i7, 16gb DDR3 RAM, R9 295x2 GC and all drivers updated. I basically dont leave the base now as otherwise its certain death and a possible Dino death too