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  1. Dinos and structures

    Ill try and work out what you are asking here. If a dino can see you and you are in aggro range they will attempt too attack you through a structure. Certain dinos can destroy certain structure types so it depends on which dino and whether its lumber, stone, metal etc
  2. Aberration Hype?

    I have been playing the base game for 450hrs but on a Prim+ server. Ive recently put 45hrs into normal ARK and I really like the game. Yes, I understand there are small issues but on PvE it's pretty much playable with only a little frustration coming from server lag and people who have bad attitudes. I have now spent 5hrs on SE and it was an eye opener as to how hard ARK can really be. I really like the 'dino world' experience but the whole underground mutated/horror approach doesnt really grip me. To be honest I said that about SE too, but have enjoyed my little dabble in that world so perhaps I may like aberration... To be honest, I wont buy it unless it is on sale, it isnt an area I expect to play much if and when it comes out.
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I had a long Saturday night which was good and the highlight was visiting the Ice Cave on the Center map. Now on our last server we visited it with Bears and they were great but my Tribe master and I didnt have any spare bears yet to leave up there so we decided to try and swim a pair of Spino's up there. Neither are great - one has 400 melee and the other has 6k hp so between us we had a tank and a slayer. The first part went swimmingly well, swamps no issue and no Mosa's or anything to take us out from below. We arrived at the IceCave (west side I think) and neither of us were sure if Spinos would fit in and on some of the walkways. We didn’t even know if the Yeti’s would push us back. The Spino’s indeed managed to fit in and we also managed to clear Yeti’s fairly easily. It was nice getting our 3rd Artefact. Cunning, Immune and now Skylord. So game progression we have now managed to do (in standard ARK) in a month, than what we achieved in nearly a year on Prim+. Granted, I’m more of a help now and we also have other players, however, we are still far behind in our breeding programme though L We got no decent drops from the crates but it was good experience for the Spinos – they levelled up quite nicely in there. Other than that, we added further metal walls and flooring, bred some more dinos and put the eggs in the fridge awaiting for another 2x weekend to raise the all.
  4. Same here, Ive updated to 271.1 but no servers are showing in my server list. I've validated my Steam files but no luck!
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I did log in last night after I heard that we had had a Giga egg stolen from our air con room. I was suprised by it but not overly so just went on a cave run and hit up a few beacons. I was quite tired but spent 30 mins, killing some Rex's and anything I could see and then... a pack of Allos! Now, I mustn't say this too loud or my tribe master will give me a grilling on TS this weekend but I didnt have my spyglass on me so couldnt see the levels but the Alpha had taken no damage from the Stego and 3 Brontos they were assaulting. Anyway, I saw an opportunity for some good xp for my bear and for a few nice trophies... Bang! The Alpha was harder than I expected and then it dawned on me, do i run adn leave it, and come back with a glass? By now the Allo was bloody so wouldnt survive any further carnage from anything so I kept on plugging away. 'Your Bear killed a level 150 Allosaurus' - D'oh! I know we dont see them often and I know my Tribe Master really wanted one (we had a nice one on our old server). Ill keep that to myself me thinks
  6. So, I wasn't actually around when the incident occurred, so I am just looking for opinion but not looking to 'hunt/abuse' said player. We have a fairly large base on a PvE (new) server and whilst moving some resources from one building to another, a player decides to run into the building (via an open door, yes I know what you will say, so don't bother being a pedant) and he takes the Giga egg which is housed in our air con room. The room at that time wasn't closed off (it is now). off he goes, a very happy chappy. So, what do you make of this behaviour, right or wrong? I believe my tribe mates attempted to ask for it back and that the culprit had been seen and caught in the act but he denied all knowledge, but still... my question to you is, is this right or wrong and would you do it yourselves? I mean, lets be honest, I could never be arsed to tame on myself. Also, would you admit to it if you were caught doing it? I'd love to hear your feelings on this.
  7. Legacy Server Looting Epidemic?

    We had a nice base on our legacy PvE server, some lovely dino's with lovely mutations but our tribe took the decision to move on. I still have the server on my favourites list but it constantly sat 1/70 so I am guessing a lot of people have moved on too. If that 1 person is collecting the lot on that server, fair play, let them have fun. I don't know if this is the case - people say the legacy will be deleted soon - but will it really, or is it that it wont receive support as there is clearly a difference here. Anyway, back to your main point, if you leave your base then people will take advantage... and that reminds me, I need to make a topic on here that is similar to a certain extent.
  8. So what did you do in ARK today?

    It was a good weekend, there are 5 of us now in the tribe and we are splitting our efforts; One guy is building up and SE base and taming Jerboas etc and he occassionally pops back and works on our (inbuild)swamp/snow base. 2 others are actively taming and imprinting on Rex's and anything else that they come across - think their goal this week is for a nice Giga but we can wait and see the outcome of that. My tribeleader is currently offline due to Irma but he got on for a while over the weekend whilst he stayed with the in-laws. He is our builder and we completed our Industrial forge this weekend to go with the industrial cooker. We have placed a number of metal walls and floors to see what it looks like with out metal framed windows - the base is coming along quite nicely. Me, well... I'm the resource guy, I get the metal, wood and stone and anything else we require. I also hatched a pair of twin argies at 230 (imprinted them to 74%) even though the first 50% maturation took 15hrs, the second 50% was done in 9hrs - can anyone explain why that would be? I lost out on an imprint due to that. Nevertheless, they came out with 4k hp, 800 weight and 400+ melee. Not bad really. Completed 2 caves on the new server now and donning the artefacts of the Cunning and Immune. It wont be long until we get back to the South Ice Cave and get the Skylord one which we also got on our legacy server. So it was quite a progressive weekend as it goes but we wont progress much this week as I am too busy so ill keep the food topped up and that is about it. Hoping for another 2x next weekend.
  9. Most Creative Dino Names

    Named one of our Argies 'Air Force Once' once... cant remember why. Weve had a lot of random names but I like my new Otter's name - Tails!
  10. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Sorry to hear your pain Aushegun. I don't trust myself to be focused when out and about killing so I always use a set of weapons/tools a level down from my best - I know that I will lose them otherwise I hope your luck improves... as I hope mine does with my beacon drop loot hunting tonight
  11. Whats the point?

    Exactly, and 'fun' is different to everyone. For me, I like finding new BP's from loot beacons or cave drops. I also like the challenge in getting mutations from my breeding. I have fun, it might not be fun for everyone, and if it isnt fun, do what we all do when we get bored with a game - go play another and maybe try it again in a few months time.
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Last night was one of those evenings where I wasn’t planning on much – but oh how that changed when the wife at the moment said ’I’m actually off out tonight’. I still wasn’t overly motivated to do much since my tribe mates are still AFK after Irma but this is what I ended up doing… We have moved up to the cliff base now, most dinos are sitting on the ground floor and flyers are for now on tier two – tier 3 has yet to be unveiled. I was getting rather frustrated with the storage in the base even with 14 Large storage shelves (how can they only contain 45 items!!). So, as everyone had just dropped items here there and everywhere – my OCD had got to a point where I myself was having colour mutations. 2hrs! That is what it took for me to sort all Saddle BP’s, Armour BP’s, Building BP’s, All crafted items and Resources (like Crystal, Stone, Metal, Wood etc). Now, I am used to prim+ and my first thought was safes as these are fairly small, and don’t take up too much space. I smash out 3 new safes and go to place one – Oh, my! These things don’t fit particularly in situ with anything – hideous! But for 150 storage, I take the pain and place 3 in a row against the back wall. At least most things are now easily accessible… don’t get me wrong, there are still another 9 storage cupboards to replace but these can be placed on tier 2 – out of the way J During this time, 2 tribe mates had logged on and started raising the new born rex and bear – they were on a 24hr mission to try and imprint to a decent lvl – this isn’t even 2x taming but they wanted to – crazy I know! I did venture out for a few gold drops and 1 cave run but nothing decent had dropped but all in all, I do feel better about our storage situation. Tonight will be similar I feel but possibly I will harvest more resources. Oh, and the Otters… I checked our 3 Otters and was thinking that I could start my breeding programme – but they are all female L Oh well, maybe tomorrow!
  13. This is the part which I find most useful. So in essence, getting an extra 50 points in a certain stat post tame is a fairly good possibility with wild tame dinos? Im happier using Dodorex rather than downloading tools so thanks for this insight
  14. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Congratulations. I never seem to fininsh a server, always distract myself by starting a new server and I end up progressing to about the 3rd cave and we start something else... one day I will get there
  15. "Easy" Spawn areas

    I started a SP game recently whilst waiting for the new server, I started on the island on an easy section of beach. Literally got to lvl 3 and a 145 Rex walked on by and proceeded to eat me. You learn just to keep on trying and levelling up - once you hit lvl 10 (which doesnt take long) you will have enough HP to survive in that area. You will die a few times but persevere. Get a hut up behind some rocks, dont venture too far, make spears, picks and axes and just lvl up. It becomes easier