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  1. Ohh hmm im not sure to be honest, i'll keep that in mind for attempt number three thanks! haha
  2. RIP baby Mosa. My first one a couple of days ago just didn't even happen, literally no alert on the website about a birth, the baby just didnt come out lol. Now the second one is due to be born while im downloading this monster patch. Hope nothing in my baby room dies again! I got Tek troughs this time round at least. ?
  3. Heya you're correct in believeing those videos are outdated. I two man'ed this recently, and now my tribemate regularly solo's it with a Baryonyx (I think.) We originally took Megatherium with us, so you just need a few stacks of the food buffs to keep you warm enough, and maybe a parachute for the exit after the boss, though you can actually jump down into the water safely. Only problem is I couldn't fit my Megatherium threw the exit to jump down so i had to ditch some stuff it was holding that I couldn't carry (mostly horns.) Whereas smaller cave mounts can fit through but might have m
  4. I have a similar worry on the server I play on. Our neighbours have very helpfully pillared up a hillside that protects a much needed meat run as well as some pretty nice spawns like Tek Rexes etc, and I just noticed last week that a new player has managed to find the tiniest spot missing a pillar and made a wooden shack and moved their dino's outside there. I'm not sure what they were hoping to accomplish as there are other bases all around the area so they have no direction to build in. However if they open a ticket and report our neighbours and Support don't actually bother to investigate,
  5. Me and a friend just returned to the game and are playing on Legacy as that's where our existing characters are. So these servers are going to be closed eventually? Am I right in thinking we can't transfer off the Legacy servers with our dinos ourselves? And that Wildcard will not help or move us either?
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