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  1. Tested an idea of using a taming raft with a bins/bed for fast taming using mutton. Ported to ragnarok NE and killed a sheep to get the mutton, uploaded at a drop and ported straight back to my raft on the previous server with preserving bins ready and placed mutton in that. It only took 10-15mins to find a nice high level argi, train it to my waiting raft and tamed it using mutton. With Ragnarok and server transfers, taming any predator is now done in a matter of minutes. Then logged off knowing that while this makes taming meat eaters more fun, its still all for nothing until the alpha cross server wiping is addressed.
  2. After being wiped cont... Managed to get back to leather armour and a bow - killed by another troodon (about the fourth time so far) Logged out while troodon was taking its time keeping me knocked out, but only hitting me once every 5mins. Logged in 2hours later, was still knocked out, troodon was just finishing of the last of my hp. Ran back, got my gear managed to gather berries and crap for another 10mins when i lagged out near a snake and was already torpord and knocked out before i could even react. Logged out and called it a night while still unconcious and waiting to be slowly killed by the snake. Pretty close to quitting all together - not worth taming anything as alpha tribes will wipe within 2weeks. But running around without a dino and your just toast to every trodon pack.... and doing the base gather cloth/leather after playing this game for 1000s of hours? Getting really close to saying NO THANKS!
  3. Managed to gather some enthusiasm to punch trees naked at lev 80 after being wiped (as usual). After 2hours i had managed to find 3 separate packs of trodoons with the usual result. Logged out again, having lost everything (leather armour+bow) 3 times over. Logged out in a state ready to start again naked hitting a tree....
  4. Haven't logged in since 256 hit, whats the point.... After being wiped I spent a whole weekend gathering mats for an iron raft base (by pick axe), now it is parked on the shore waiting to get raided instead of out at sea because of the new Leeds. - Cant even be bothered logging in to see if its still there. My experience with this game is, waste an enormous amount of time to achieve something trivial, path comes out and steals all your work e.g. spent three weekends in a row testing out breeding, got hit with feeding bug, drop through floor bug, poof bug. Three attempts, three different bugs, three times same result, login to find new baby gone. Got wiped and built a new base (the iron raft) from scratch (by hand with no dinos) only to have WC introduce the Leed that can destroy a raft by ignoring defenses. Hours of work with end result all for nothing. I love this game, i really do, i think its the best game to have been ever released! I just wish they would address the things that make it so we dont want to play anymore (mostly bug fix and stupid balance issues) intead of just blindly throwing content over the wall with no testing. p.s. I realise we are the testers but ANY IDIOT can see adding a new dino that destroys hours of work while you are offline IS A STUPID MECHANIC!
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