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  1. I've also written some Dossiers for a few of the suggested creatures: Water Wyvern Tame method: steal egg Behavior: aggressive Role: battle mount; versatile travel Wild Like its close relatives in the desert, Draconis oceanum is a formidable foe. Unlike its relatives, however, D. oceanum lives primarily in the deep oceans. It is similar in shape to its desert dwelling relatives, though its tail is much more eel-like and it has a pair of flippers rather than legs, making it an extraordinarily good swimmer. It is also capable of sustained flight in open air. The only downfa
  2. Suggested Map Name: Rip Tide The idea is to have a mostly ocean map (similar in size to Ragnarok) with a few small scattered islands (or one relatively large one). - islands will be very tropical, though some will be volcanic, mountainous, or snowy There should be large underground caves to build in (many of which are also underwater). Varied underwater biomes and areas such as: - Giant kelp beds - Sea grass plains - Oil fields - Steam vents - Underwater lakes (highly toxic and will harm creatures and players; possibly kick players off mounts?) - Ship grave
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