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  1. Just a warning for any new players joining our cluster; With the release of Genesis on Feb. 25th our Extinction server will be changing maps to Genesis. Until then it will be extinction, so build at your own risk and be prepared for the map change on the morning of the 25th. Probably going to be adding more player slots as well cuz I'm sure everyone will want to play the new map. Valguero will continue to be the main-server and it wont be changed. Join us on discord here if you have questions or just want more info on the servers
  2. How to find us on your xbox - Set session filter to "Unofficial PC Sessions" - Set game mode to "PVP" - Set map to "All Maps" - Search "Toxy" or "Solo" If you sort by day, you will see our valguero server is the longest running solo player server, we take care of it so we dont need to wipe it. Dont worry about losing all your stuff
  3. NEWLY ADDED Public Teleporters at Obelisks Griffins on extinction Turkeys and Zombie Dodos are here to stay, theyre just too much fun so theyve been added to both maps. Some fixes with alpha creature drops and supply drops on Valguero
  4. Issues joining servers after 793.2 Updated my xboxes, now we cant join our nitrado server, or if we get in we cant move or look around, no hotbar and we are quickly booted. Usually just says connection timed out when trying to join. Please help, we are unable to play at all.
  5. Small tribe pvp, play solo or with a friend. Maybe make yourself 2 characters, one for crafting and one for fighting. Our extinction server is still mostly untouched.. come snag a sweet spot!
  6. CLICK HERE TO JOIN DISCORD or try entering www.discord.gg/88ZQ8nt or invite.gg/toxy in your web browser
  7. Hello there! Do you like collecting+breeding dinos, fighting bosses and building sweet bases, but hate getting raided by big tribes? Come join our 2 map cluster, both are setup for Solo/Duo tribes (2 players max per tribe) all engrams are unlocked and alliances are allowed. Settings are boosted for faster paced pvp, taming, harvesting, crafting and breeding but also balanced for difficult raiding, dangerous wild dinos, challenging boss fights, and 100% imprinting. These are small tribe PVP servers with tek easily available so come ready to play rough and fend for yourself! Public-use teleporters at every Obelisk for everyones convenience. Here are the names and a little about the setup, more info on our discord page; Solo/Duo Armies - Valguero [Toxy] Solo/Duo Armies - Extinction [Toxy] Instant-XP (9999xXP), 10xHarvesting, 10xTaming, 200×Breeding, 500xBaby Mature+Hatch Speed, 4x Dino Damage, 4xTurret Damage, 10xSpikeWall Damage, No Cave Damage (to bases), Friendly Fire disabled, Unlimited respecs, Structure Collision disabled, 20xStacking, Removed thief dinos and whales Max Dino Levels: Base Max=185 Tek Max=222 Alpha Max=234 Join us on discord for a complete list of server settings, custom dino spawns, custom drops, trash talk and important updates. Discord link here - discord.gg/88ZQ8nt - or try searching "Toxys Servers" in your discord app. You can also find us at invite.gg/toxy If you need admin help just direct message me in (@Toxy) hope to see you out there surviving and having fun!!
  8. Solo Armies - 10xBreed+Harvest 160xBreed 4xDmg Hello there, Please join us for some challenging raiding, super fast breeding, easy taming and gathering, boosted drops and crafting, custom dino spawns, all around less douchebaggery and hopefully alot of fun. We recently downsized our servers from 2 to 1 due to lack of activity, but everyone always says they love the settings, so if this post gets a good response we can always make more room or add another server/map again. Currently running Valguero with solo pvp settings, alliances are enabled, all engrams are unlocked, except railguns. Become a 1 man army or team up with some friends in an alliance, we just want more action! Server name is the title of this post, you can also find some more info at the new discord here; https://discord.gg/88ZQ8nt Solo Armies - 10xBreed+Harvest 160xBreed 4xDmg Thanks
  9. You guys suck ass like a human centipede, just when we think its over you go and sew another asshole to our mouths. Come the F on! This is beyond ridiculous. You guys screw up.. every, single, raptoring, time..
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