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  1. Please see links below for videos. I logged in, walked to my cryo-fridge to get my cloned male rex I paid 15k poly for, so that I could stud him with my females to have eggs for the Valentines event. The rex had 30,360 health and 1,225 melee with no levels and no imprinting. As I was heading to my females I was noticing holes in my base. I stopped to examine one hole and I was killed and had to pick a bed to respawn. My rex was gone. according to my tribe log I have a lot of stuff being destroyed by anti-meshing software. I am nowhere near meshing. My base is on the tower just south of the tallest tower in the Sanctuary. It has been there since the first week of Extinction's release.
  2. WC has known for several weeks. Said it wasn't intentional but haven't tried to fix it.
  3. For something not to be intentional, they sure haven't fixed.
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