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  1. If it is similar to this one: Then the issue seems to be the game burning through VRAM and then chewing up system ram for environment rendering. I had this issue prior to upgrading my graphics card, it would seem just about any card at GTX 1080 level or below may experience this issue(I am on a GTX 1080 TI, but I have also setup a 128 GB system page file as well and haven't experienced the crash yet) . I managed to evoke the error within 10 minutes of starting the game by rapidly exploring The Island. I get the feeling, however, that while we are posting legitimate bugs(I have posted one regarding launching the game in single player with Ansel support disabling tool-tips and thus disabling item management hotkeys as well as having HDR active on a display causing massive slowdowns at 4K resolutions), there is a non-existent response to these issues. Just speaking to the memory leak issues, there are at least 5 different topics regarding memory leak issues started, or posted to within the last 30 days and no response to them. That really needs to change. Studio Wildcard has a very unsettling habit of not communicating with the player base when issues arise. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I have only seen a handful of responses from someone in some position of authority in the bug forums since I started playing this game in 2015.
  2. On PC there is an intermittent issue where tool tips and hotkeys will not work when accessing other's inventory. Doesn't matter if it is a dino, storage or crafting station. I have made sure tool tips are turned on. I don't know what causes it, and it seems to happen at random. Thus far I have only encountered the issue on The Island map
  3. After reading all of the people complaining about bugs and optimization, I have to wonder how many people actually read the patch notes. Because if they have read the patch notes, they would already know that the first round of optimization has already been done. Which would mean these individuals should clamp their traps. If all that is being done is fixes(of which we have provided a rather detailed list) and optimizing, I would say that at least the most impactful(frustrating, annoying, gamebreaking) bugs will be patched and optimization done to the point where we won't readily notice lingering optimization issues. Is it going to be perfect? No, but two plus months is a lot of polish time. Meanwhile, it would be nice if us EA folks at least had the option to get the CE stuff, for a price of course.
  4. That's the thing, the dossier implies it gets aggressive towards anything non-hostile, not just bronto's. And it takes on Gigantos. From the way the dossier reads it will probably react the same way Gigantopithecus does when you don't sneak up on it. In fact, it's dossier says something very similar to the Titanosaur.
  5. Nah, it doesn't like having its personal space invaded. Open up the image of the journal entry and read the section below the tail
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