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  1. [RESOLVED] Official Server 691-694 Missing

    Hiya, original poster again. I understand issues like these take time to resolve especially seeing as the people fixing whatever is going on are in a different time zone. I'd just like to know if we can at least get an update to known if the issues is being worked on. Thanks again.
  2. [RESOLVED] Official Server 691-694 Missing

    Thank you for the response! Happy to hear you guys are trying to resolve the issue, hopefully it is up and running sooner than later. Would there be any official way to find out when and if the issue is resolved? Or should I just keep trying every couple hours and check back to the forums?
  3. Official Server 692 Missing Hello, it appears the server I play on is no longer listed. I just logged into Ark and the Official PVE PS4 Server 692 is not available. I tried searching for it, as well as going to my bookmarks. It does not show up in any of those tabs. I even restarted the game, my modem, and PS4. Still nothing shows up. Please help.