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  1. Should be AT LEAST 72 hours. 168 hours (a week) would have been perfect-ish. Reason: to retain the importance of character stat build while not screwing up (solo)players completely.
  2. Do those extra levels on Tek Rexes even matter if there is a cap of 450 still? Fortitude rework... its nice and all but what it really needed to do to become relevant is to shorten debuff timers or debuff effect scale, imo. And i mean all debuffs (bolas, various fires, poisons, megarabies, stuns, shocks etc.) Everything else in the "news" is just a fluff.
  3. This wont work, or will work only in a lopsided manner as long as names/chat are not restricted to Aa-Zz, 0-9. OR offical unmodded client starts to support cyrillic/chinese characters. Not only it goes in the way of identifying offenders but also almost impossible to report other than generic "[][][] of tribe [][] aimbots".
  4. Argies ARE vultures. Not eagles, not hawks. Vultures. Anyway. I really do like new look of argie. Spino's new model looks like a big step back - it looks plastic and unnatural. Previous scaly one is better, imo. Also agree with posters before that Spino should be like a big Baryonix: without oxygen stat but also immune to jellies.
  5. Strange... There were some screenshots uploaded for what i assume is Ragnarok's 2nd part of desert biome and screenshots for the Primitive+ update. But none of that is shown in this "Mysterious mysteries" update...
  6. 1. Nice, now XBOX will have troubles with memory leak in TrueSKY as well. Good luck guys and pray you can disable it. 2. Ragnarok map has some SE content/dinos(?). How will they be available to those without SE DLC? I mean if there are electrical storms as well, then those without SE engrams are pretty much screwed.
  7. While you are at it - is it possible to kick the arse of whoever is responsible for lack of updates on Prim+ that are 2-3 months overdue? It was accepted as official mod - why does it take 15 minutes to load?
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