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  1. Maccathedd

    Tribe update

    With how servers are getting something like this will have to happen tribes are greedy and think they own the entire map as to the building around a player the land claim block makes that impossible as it works much like every other structure in the game however has two zones it has the white zone which is potential tribe building area and the red zone which is a buffer zone out side the white zone where no one can build as to base size as your tribe levels up the build area increases you can have multiple building within the white zone and because tribes only have 1 land claim block no one can build round you as for the tames level 10 tribe is the same as being level 20 and most players try to get to a good level before they even tame anything pteri is level 38 last time i checked
  2. Maccathedd


    I can see it now players using subs to get into the holes under the water
  3. Maccathedd

    New Giganosaurous hop-off animation?

    I park my giga into a cliff side and make sure the saddle is right in the wall that way i drop below the saddle suffering no health loss
  4. Maccathedd

    Balanced PvE and PvP differently

    You actually make a good point a lot of nerfs have been done to the game that balances pvp however some of these nerfs have hindered pve players
  5. Maccathedd

    Tribe update

    Hello wc and Ark players the game has been out for 3 years now and most things have seen updates. Good or bad however tribes dont really get touched these updates could help relieve server stress now you may be asking what the hell are you talking about let me get to it. TRIBE LEVELING All tribes start at level 1 and level much the same as dinos and players do however tribe xp is quadruple what player level xp would be. Now i see the cogs turning whats the point in tribe leveling. The level of your tribe dictates how you do anything and each milestone unlocks tribe engrams and perks such as, Tribe level 10 1 land claim block 1 ally 10 dino tame cap Up to 5 tribe members The land claim block gives a size of land claimed to your tribe around the size of 5x5 foundations. Level 20 A outpost block 10x10 foundation of land from claim block. 1 ally 25 dino cap 10 tribe members A outpost block allows you to build traps and outpost on the map. Now this keeps going till level 100 with a max of 50 tribe members 5 outpost blocks 5 allies and 500 dinos and a substantial amount of land. Now with this it also puts a no build ring around your base. I have many more ideas about tribes but want to hear what people think initially.