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  1. Golinion

    dino marino

    I would love to see marine dinos like the Thalattosaurios They are extinct marine reptiles that were characterized for having a long and flattened tail that provided propulsion under water, it would be great to spray the sea at great speed and some new feature like collecting black pearls
  2. It would be great if a spider would cast poison and cause torpor in the creatures
  3. Golinion

    The Center Boss-Arena question

    it can not
  4. Golinion


    Hi . I want to comment something if I am wrong I would appreciate that they correct me, I have heard that the rafts take away space from the domesticated dinos and many times and seen as people indiscriminately create a lot of rafts that do not need just to ruin the lives of others, also heaps of players create their rafts and leave them abandoned everywhere, they should have a faster decay than other structures or a limit of creations per player so that the servers do not fill up so quickly. Thank you
  5. it would be great
  6. it would be great to see allos in scorched earth and if I agree to be the carnivorous island they are always the same dinos and also it would be time for them to introduce a large carnivore such as the Carcharodontosaurus saharicus known as the shark reptile teeth and lived in Africa and is one of the known carnivorous mallores would be great if burnt earth had its own giant killer like the giga on the island
  7. Golinion

    The Center Boss-Arena question

    in these days I and a friend made the boss in the middle difficult with 13 rex with saddles of 70 armor, the rex with 25k of life and 600 of damage up and was relatively easy only lost 5k of life some others less
  8. Golinion

    Mammoth TLC

    in my opinion the horns are not cute visually they seem to change branches and have more functions since it is a great creature
  9. I would like to see the ark the Saurophaganax maximus murderous lizard and the Bahariasaurus ingens native to Africa could be from burnt earth, the Epanterias amplexus large carnivore of the jurassic with 12 meters of height or the Mapusaurus roseae close relative of the gigantosaurus would be great to have new carnivores and hervivoros with their abilities
  10. hello friends I've been playing ark for two years since the early access and I enjoy the game very much with all its mistakes but I do not understand why the bosses in the center give so little and so difficult element that it is raising rex for said bosses in my case I have more than 3000 thousand hours of play and playing alone I have managed to achieve great things but it is very difficult to raise 25 rex alone but I have achieved it but I feel that what element resivo is very little compared to other maps I would deciaria to fix that and remember to give new content to the center since it is an excellent map.