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  1. Kaelnayyan

    Anky angle of attack issues

    Anky has issues mining crystal, metal, flint, stone, you name it. tail swings right through most nodes until you get the node at exactly the right angle with the camera positioned in a certain way. It is very difficult to mine on aberration due to this and could use some work please. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.
  2. Kaelnayyan

    Solo wyvern milking: REAL Tips?

    You are an absolute madman. I love it. Never in a million years would I have tried kiting a milker with a kangaroo. That's just bonkers lol!
  3. Kaelnayyan

    Rock Elementals exploited to raid people in PvE

    Keep you animals in doors, build your exterior building walls with metal, keep a giga or two in the exterior of your base. A tamed giga will absolutely wreck a wild golem, in seconds. Sure it would be possible for them to train more than one golem, but it's also possible for your giga to kill more than one. Need more protection? Get two giga. Yes it's pve. Yes griefing sucks. Yes gigas and golems and wyverns are a pain to raise/tame on official. But you know what sucks worse? Ignoring the ignorance and general disregard for others in the world and seeing all that you worked so hard for destroyed. TL:DR there are ways you can protect yourself from grief. If you took those steps the guilty parties would leave you alone. There will ALWAYS be people out to ruin your fun for the sake of their own fun. Even if they get banned for it. In pve that's what the survival element of this game is. Preserving your work until you decide you are done. No amount of GMs can save you. You must do it yourself.
  4. Kaelnayyan

    Solo wyvern milking: REAL Tips?

    Loads of stuff in this thread, one of the most important things that I have found to help when trapping wyverns is to always build your trap with its opening parrallel to the scar. So when your wyvern goes to flee or loses Aggro on you it will turn into the wall of your trap and not be successful at flying away. That way you don't even need a gateway to keep them in place while your tranq them.
  5. Kaelnayyan

    official build limit

    Boom. Thanks for knowing what we do not Random forum superhero.