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  1. Voidstar

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    november is a bit far but I hope it comes out with less bugs and better optimization. looks really awesome and interesting !! it s funny, when it will release, it will be 1year and 1 month since I bought the season pass, practically this expansion aswell haha
  2. does it need a special setting or so? Doesn t seem to work so far or I was unlucky finding any piles (PC)
  3. Voidstar

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    been following the timer for 15 days only to discover that we get 4 dinosaur skins...and a hat. I don t want damn skins I want dinos...just add the dinos on the template (like brachiosaurus on bronto) and give them some new abilities or uses...only the abilities need bigger coding did not imagine I could get so dissapointed. this deserved a 2 days timer max... not looking forward to a similar ark announcement ever again
  4. Voidstar

    Graphics look terrible.

    is resolution scale set to max? and resolution accordingly?
  5. Voidstar


    there are no plans for ark 2. they might make new dlc either themselves or through modders. it is certain that this final dlc extinction, concludes teh ark story
  6. Voidstar

    Need advice on singleplayer difficulty

    I know the spot ! will try beta spider today. also got some fat megatheriums and a yuti
  7. Ragnarok is awesome but it has too much of everything indeed. I wish more focused (themed) maps would be added - like a subteraneean map or a frozen map Before removing the island bosses on ragnarok, island was also pointless beyond the ascension...
  8. unfortunately not. the shipping cost is way too high..higher than the product...I live in europe..whatever yes I am a fanboy
  9. Voidstar

    Need advice on singleplayer difficulty

    I got my dinos from my old official ragnarok server. They are all 140-150 tames, bred etc with good saddles (70 armor). I never attempted the bosses there but was ready for them. I thought why not use them..they are Dinos obtained legitly in months of playing on OFFICIAL...Just the dinos and few saddles. The rest i ll farm. Actually i got just 2-3 rexes and megatheriums and i ll breed them.
  10. Will there be anymore DLCs or maps content dinos whatever after Extinction? Not sure if "Extinction last DLC" means the last one to conclude the story, or the last big content the game gets. I would buy anything you guys release despite the bugs or whatever...
  11. Voidstar

    Happy Birthday ARK: Year Three!

    damn you ark devs. I ve cursed and flamed and praised and got frustrated angry happy and so on for 2 years but I have to admit that despite your errors and some bad decisions, this game is fantastic. It is my favourite game ever alongside titles like diablo 2, lineage 2 serious sam and minecraft. Whatever I do I just keep coming back to this game and enjoying it again and again. habby birthday ark project!!
  12. Voidstar

    Need advice on singleplayer difficulty

    always backing up savegame!! ty
  13. Voidstar

    Need advice on singleplayer difficulty

    thanks alot for solvingthe dilemma. I will set the difficulty to 150 lvl dinos and adjust the stats for bosses.
  14. Voidstar

    Need advice on singleplayer difficulty

    So if I understand correctly. the base is for example number 10. on sp settings it is 10 x 0.2=2 so 1/5 of the initial stat. If i set difficulty to 5, it would be 10 x 5 - 50. after sp settings 50 x 0.2 = 25. then if I would set 5 instead of 10 (so 0.5 instead of 1), it would be 25 x 0.2 = 12.5 so 1/4 of the original 5x difficulty with sp settings. also how to solve the cave problems? on 5x the creatures reach even level 500...and there is a lot of them...like meganeura.