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  1. does anyone have the activation parameter for the current event? (which ends tomorrow) ty
  2. @Jen can we please get the command to run the purple color event in singleplayer? like we did with archaeology?
  3. november is a bit far but I hope it comes out with less bugs and better optimization. looks really awesome and interesting !! it s funny, when it will release, it will be 1year and 1 month since I bought the season pass, practically this expansion aswell haha
  4. been following the timer for 15 days only to discover that we get 4 dinosaur skins...and a hat. I don t want damn skins I want dinos...just add the dinos on the template (like brachiosaurus on bronto) and give them some new abilities or uses...only the abilities need bigger coding did not imagine I could get so dissapointed. this deserved a 2 days timer max... not looking forward to a similar ark announcement ever again
  5. damn you ark devs. I ve cursed and flamed and praised and got frustrated angry happy and so on for 2 years but I have to admit that despite your errors and some bad decisions, this game is fantastic. It is my favourite game ever alongside titles like diablo 2, lineage 2 serious sam and minecraft. Whatever I do I just keep coming back to this game and enjoying it again and again. habby birthday ark project!!
  6. I know, I looked before at the prices and was dissapointed. I just voiced my sadness now :)) I hope they find some good shipping deals for us non-US.
  7. In live in eastern europe, item costs 70$ shipping 135 $ or 150$ damnit...
  8. or they could just add an egg, which results in a tiny insect which grows. or maybe make it larvae until 10%...
  9. i am playing on a 1 month old isolated ragnarok server...playing on the new servers makes no sense to me unless they add a new map.
  10. will there be any sale on PC steam before the price increase?
  11. well I live in teh redwoods/volcano area...and no dodos there. As I want to get the costumes, I went to the nearest dodo nest and caught some. Then I realsied i must transport them somehow to my main base...so I started building a base on my quetz. After I did this I went with the quetz there and tried to make them climb on the ramp...did not work. So I tamed a pteranodon killed other things crafted a saddle...Then ! I picked them up one by one and put them on the quetz base but...they were slowly leaking through the walls..Or if the quetzal moved or took off, they would leak rapidly out... So
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