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  1. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7499332 Battlemetrics says your server is offline.
  2. We tried using it on our private server. It didn't work so I looked it up. Said that patch 311.74 broke it, so I gave the damned thing to a pegomastax. So to summarize, the radio doesn't work at the moment.
  3. I'm here for that amazing piece of artwork.
  4. With the Maewing announced, I fear for what else the new map has in store for us...
  5. They should cut down the amount of servers, and instead put more into the performance of the remaining servers. Also, restrictions to building ingame could help... Tens of borg boxes around the map won't do any good for performance.
  6. The Conquest season is ending, and they are starting Classic PvP season 3.
  7. Definitely too early to be announcing release dates and such. But something like "We'll be making this game in the future, here's some concepts we've made." Looking forward to whatever new game they are planning on though.
  8. I believe the people in charge of Gen2 (or any of the DLCs) aren't the same who work on the servers or multiplayer related issues, so it wouldn't matter if they halted production on it.
  9. I'd be interesting, imagine using the in game voice communication to interact with a creature.
  10. True, but if the risk of it happening occurs, and one can't bear it happening it's better to just do it until Wild Card fixes it. And when I say fix it, that's going to take time.
  11. For times when dinos disappear when offline, couldn't you cryopod them before logging off to prevent it?
  12. The only point of this thread (and many similar) is to vent. They had a bad experience with a server and have write something to ease their mind.
  13. No beef, just trying to suggest solutions. If you take it as an offense that's not my problem.
  14. Well, it's worth a try. But spamming will only make things worse, it'll clog the system and nobody will get their problems answered. So don't be that person.
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