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  1. Dodo, phiomia, trilobite and kairuku are my personal favorite boss fighters. My weapon of choice is a stone pick.
  2. I remember having trouble finding dodos, since these things took up all the spawns...
  3. Start in the north, or build a perimeter wall of spikes around your base to prevent them from wandering too close. Or, you could get a fast moving creature (raptor) to aggro them and then kite them away from your base.
  4. Surprised nobody mentioned using turrets. Set up a generator and a few turrets near the trench, then fly in and aggro a few wyverns. Bring them to the turrets to get shot, and repeat the process until the trench is empty.
  5. Since the ocean biome has a miniboss, the Moeder, I wonder if the other biomes will have their own minibosses. Also, who or what will be the "main" boss of the DLC?
  6. They posted a video of a giga eating through some stone gates, saying that the giga bit through the mesh. There is no evidence on the video that the damage was done through the mesh... The video was deleted from the boards, so it can't be found.
  7. Where on the map was this spot? If I am not mistaken, I remember seeing a video you posted here with a giga destroying your base.
  8. After reading this one thread where the OP said that "Wild Card should be fined for releasing a broken game", I fully agree with them delaying the DLC and making sure that it's as bug free as possible. I couldn't imagine the amount of salt and anger on the boards if Genesis was even a bit broken on release.
  9. If the notek servers are still a thing, those are an option.
  10. I suspect the anti mesh system, since the sarco is a long creature and part of it could have clipped through the ground into the mesh kill area.
  11. I couldn't help but notice one thing. Look at the bloodstalker that's up higher, and look at the "plant" just above it. It resembles the leg of a bloodstalker...
  12. But you also have to be wary of the dodos evolving to become harder to throw. You know, claws for attaching to surfaces to make them harder to pick up...
  13. But wait, there's no gravity in space, which means that dodos weight nothing. Therefore throwing them wouldn't develop your arm muscles much. Wouldn't you want to do it in a place with high gravity, so your muscles are put under harder stress?
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