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  1. To get the replicator, you need to defeat Moeder, which will unlock the TEKgram. Then you will need to buy the element needed to craft the replicator. You can craft it in the fabricator.
  2. But these also pay you to keep the servers up. With ARK, you buy the game, but you aren't paying to keep the servers up.
  3. Yes, it's permanent on official PvE, and can be configured on private servers through settings.
  4. Power creep isn't the answer. The mana needs to be nerfed, but not in the way it was recently. Reduce the saddle armor, and reduce damage dealt against enemy players and tames. Give it back some of its mobility. This could be a potential fix.
  5. Start in singleplayer, learn the basics. Move up to PvE, learn to play with other people on the same map. Don't play PvP unless you are ready to accept losing everything you put time into. Stay away from officials, they aren't friendly for new players.
  6. "If you don't agree with my opinions, I will spam bad reputation on your posts and call you an internet troll!!!" Also, you mentioned aberration, where better quality TEK suits aren't available. Since you clearly have access to better TEK suits, you should also have access to the various ways of getting easy element (Extinction). If radiation bothers you, just use a hazard suit. Cheaper to repair. But I guess since I am an internet troll, that's not a valid opinion.
  7. Yet you haven't given any proof about your stacking feces. Though, I guess your post counts as stacking feces, considering it's nothing but crap.
  8. I feel most complaints about bsod or lag is coming from people who play with computers that date to the same age most creatures in the game are from...
  9. Since it's a mission area, maybe it's related to that? Also, using your own tools works on other missions. Like on the bog fishing mission, use your own nets for loot.
  10. It could be the corrupted avatar skin with dyes on it.
  11. Hopefully it's just a bug, don't see why they would nerf the ability to carry very small creatures...
  12. Dodos with levels into melee make quick work of gigas I would recommend drowning or lava if the map has that.
  13. Was expecting "official servers are lagging, game dead" post, but instead was just general whining.
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