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  1. People send in tons of unnecessary tickets, which floods their system. There's also been complaints of GMs being unprofessional with their support, so I guess it's a combination of the two.
  2. To be honest, even if this was an attempt to silence a bug, why choose something like this? There's tons of actual bugs in the game that could be just marked off as features.
  3. We all know that Wild Card is always like this with timing, but I don't believe they are trying to mask their incompetence with schedules. As for their future titles, I hope they learn from ARK on what to do and what not to.
  4. Eh, this degraded into a hot mess. Anyway, to stay with the topic, I remember reading that disabling hibernation will remedy this. Is this true?
  5. They said it would come this summer, there's still July and August to go. A spoiler on what's getting updated would be nice though.
  6. Are you sure you didn't accidentally hit it just as it was falling unconscious?
  7. My idea would be to have two variants of araneo: regular and subterranean. The regular araneo would be tamable and spawn on the surface. It would have different abilities, like a short range bola attack and a zipline. The subterranean would spawn in caves, and act like the current one. Both would receive a more spidery model of course.
  8. They've made an excellent game, but some things they do leave more to be desired. At least they keep developing the game, unlike many devs who release a half baked game and run off with your money.
  9. If you don't provide enough evidence, they won't restore anything. They apparently are very strict when if comes to this, since people could abuse the system. If you feel you gave all the information needed, you could try getting in contact with a dev and report the GM.
  10. Well, with official servers I mean the pure official servers, not the others that belong to Wild Card (legacy ect.) Player support cannot just change server settings like that. It is indeed strange why Wild Card wouldn't change a setting if it would reduce the need for manual wipes and free up the already busy player support.
  11. Wild Card will still ignore everything else except the official servers. Coming from someone who plays singleplayer, which still has a bug that can mess up resource respawns.
  12. Well, if someone chooses to sit in front of their PC or console and play ARK all day instead of doing something else, it's their fault. Wild Card didn't brainwash you into wasting time on this.
  13. Well at least you can breed the wyverns. You could get better ones by combining good stats, right? Either it's something they intended or just a mess up, which they commonly do. I wonder how much the wyverns in the mod cost to clone?
  14. Well, you could kite them around and have them patrol the area around your base. They will attack you if you go into the water though.
  15. Still, not a reason to act childishly. Just because you or someone has to do something, doesn't mean that Wild Card should too.
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