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  1. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7499332 Battlemetrics says your server is offline.
  2. We tried using it on our private server. It didn't work so I looked it up. Said that patch 311.74 broke it, so I gave the damned thing to a pegomastax. So to summarize, the radio doesn't work at the moment.
  3. But that doesn't sound so bad. All the people who keep hounding for higher rates can cash in and get their higher rates, while the people who prefer the slower, grindier gameplay can keep their rates. It's also an opportunity to make profit off of the official servers, which gives them a reason to keep them stable and running... If they start doing pay to win stuff then I don't know.
  4. Another thing is that WoW came out over a decade ago, back in 2004. ARK came out in 2015. There's a big time difference there. It's like comparing the cook who's on his first week to Gordon Ramsey. Also, WoW is owned by a big company with several other games under their belt, Wild Card is only about to make the move to their next title.
  5. Well, the next game will be on a newer version of the engine. They'll also be going out with more experience, so they'll know what to do and what not to. No point in being purely negative, you're only making it bad for yourself. Hope for the best, but fear for the worst.
  6. Sounds good to me, more time for them to polish it up. A delayed game is better than a rushed game.
  7. I'm here for that amazing piece of artwork.
  8. Fish and otters are in the same spawn category, so if you aren't finding otters on other maps then clearing out the fish will help. Works for other dinos like spinos I believe.
  9. It's going to be one of those items like the fishing net. Cool to have, you'll check it out maybe once and then it'll remain collecting dust for the rest of the playthrough. Or who knows, maybe it'll allow you defeat the bosses? Row boat vs. Broodmother.
  10. Well, that was sarcasm. It's what people typically post after they lose stuff ingame. But if I played on officials and lost my stuff due to bugs, I'd probably just quit playing officials. Haven't played on them for years, the poor quality and maintenance of them is one reason that keeps me away from them. ARK is a hot, buggy mess. If you choose to play on the official servers, buckle up and prepare for bugs.
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