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  1. Well complaining here won't help either. Just make a report and wait.
  2. Make an outage report. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  3. There's still a point here: if you host your own game, you can recover lost data via backups.
  4. Never heard of these red lines, I suppose it could be hardware related if graphical settings don't help? Also, skin color cannot be changed alone. You need someone else to do the command onto you, because of the way the command works.
  5. Best way to enjoy the game is to take things into your control and host your own server/session. Don't play officials unless you have a thing for losing stuff and being miserable.
  6. Well I guess that explains what's happening. But if it's not the time that's doing it (proven by @Larkfields) then why does the obelisk wipe your creature data if it's not clustered?
  7. That's because you were on a cluster, and the servers were online for the transfer. Since it's online the timers are actively tracked. Try this: get a lone server (one that's not in a cluster) or go into singleplayer. Set the time to something like 500 days or so. Get a fresh tamed dino, pod it and put it into the obelisk. Now, if you were on a server, shut it down and switch maps. If on singleplayer, go to a different map where the time is less than 500 (preferable a fresh map.) Go to the obelisk, pick out your cryopod and deploy the dino.
  8. Thank you, this is exactly what I was going for.
  9. I use them for early game thatch gathering. Charge into a dense growth of trees and get hundreds of thatch.
  10. Checking out the free stuff is worth it if you have time. Official servers are still the same, come back in... 4 years and they might be better.
  11. Oh, well in that case... You learn something new everyday.
  12. Spinos are good in the water, since you have one you could use that. Raft with plant-x also works, it takes time for the plants to grow though.
  13. Well I guess not since it's not an amazing creature that would give you godlike benefits. You might want to report it though, if they aren't supposed to appear on small tribes servers then it could be some bug.
  14. Don't give them ideas. Or actually do, I want to spread some deadly virus to the annoying people who loot beaver dams and leave the wood.
  15. You might be misunderstanding. When OP restarts their server to change the map, the in game time gets reset to day 1. Any items in the upload are given new timers based on the previous timer and the new in game time. If OP was for example on day 200 on their previous map, podded dinos lose EXP worth the time they would get for being in a pod for this amount of time. Regular restarts don't have an effect since you restart all your servers, and any possible time differences that happen are very minimal. Also, the in game time doesn't reset to day 1 unless you specifically do that.
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