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  1. Ps4 X-Rock Elemental No Eating for this I am at my wits end. I have tried traps all over volcano, even made one on Lunar, and teleporting with the golem and skiff. I have also tried knocking out Golems from different places in the volcano. In total, I have knocked out 38 golems, and not 1 of them were tamable. This is a bug, please fix it
  2. DERoestorf

    Sheep Broken

    Sheep Broken For the last week now, there is a problem with sheep not giving any, or almost no mutton at all. We killed a 140 sheep, using a chainsaw we got 6 mutton in total. A lvl 30 sheep gave 4 mutton. Another 140 sheep gave 1 mutton. Killing a sheep with a dino gives no mutton, only hide. Seems to be broken
  3. The exact same has happened to me 3 times now using HLNA to transfer. 1. Bronto Disappeared when teleporting from Lunar to Artic Biome 2. Bronto Disappeared when teleporting from Ocean to Artic Biome 3. 650 Melee 100% Imprinted Giga disappeared when teleporting from Bog to Artic Biome. This is a serious bug, as I have lost 3, in my tribe we have lost about 40, and the server is standing at about 1k dino's lost while teleporting with HLNA, and the dino disappeared. We play on PVP server
  4. I think you should stop all work on TLC, and start working on fixing all the bugs. You have already shown numerous times that you can't release an update on time. You also release stuff that is completely broken. So how about you start with the list of 500+ known bugs, and fix them before adding and changing everything. 2 months later, and aberrant megalosaurus still doesn't breed correctly on PS4 Constant falling through map dino's glitching into or under map Duping happening again tribes rolling back server to not loose dino's when loosing the list j
  5. Actually, if you look at the history of easter, it is the pagan festival of fertility, hence the bunnies, multiply like rabbits. So a breeding boost would have made more sense over easter weekend, than over valentines.
  6. I think he is more upset about the fact that imprinting takes a lot of time, and if you are a average human who has a day job, breeding has basically eliminated imprinting 100% on a lot of the larger animals, as you cannot get on while at work. The benefit to a 100% imprinted creature over a 95% imprinted creature is massive. I know from my side, I was really hoping there was a breeding event, as that is the only way I could get a wyvern hatched, as well as some rex's. But sadly, no breeding event now puts me even further behind the other tribes, who have people in it that can be on 24/7.
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