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  1. showmyadminmanager

    I believe you can by Admincheat unbanplayer (psn I'd)
  2. showmyadminmanager

    you should be able to type admincheat BanPlayer then PS ID of the player
  3. PVPve nitrado server running 24/7 with boosted 5x taming, mating, 2.5x harvesting 10x egg hatching, 10x loot drop quality but not too high to where you beat the game in 2 days like most on here. The server has no offline raiding so people who work wont come back to a destroyed base like officials, also i will have a cluster server for the new Aberration DLC that releases next month so EVERYONE COME JOIN US!!
  4. turbines on ragnarok?

    turn your generators to auto on and have your wind turbines connected to the same grid as your generater and then turn off your generator and the wind turbines will power everything without the use of gas and if someone or something destroys you turbines the generator will kick on. It saves me a lot on gasoline
  5. Game is Crashing

    i have a nitro sever as well, man this sucks to wait this long for new map and its still pushed back what the hell
  6. Game is Crashing

    The game is unplayable right now and keeps crashing when you try to load any server official or unofficial. As soon as you get to the server list it crashes
  7. Cannot find PC hosted server

    Did you make sure you clicked the filter down on the bottom left to say "unofficial pc servers" also make sure you check the box that says show password protected right under that, incase your server has a password
  8. Need a server to play on!!!!

    What are the rules on your pvp? because I can't progress on the pvp servers do to being destroyed or base gone when I log back in
  9. Need a server to play on!!!! I have been trying to play this since launch, I have it on PS4 and Xbox the PS4 looks better to me but my problem is that I can't get far enough into the game because official servers are unplayable and pvp I just keep getting destroyed and dropped off in the ocean. So I have been looking into player dedicated servers but I play for a day and then don't see those servers again for a few days or never so does Anyone have a 24/7 server that I can join so I can finally play all this game has to offer. Thanx