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  1. Lightning striking dinos Has anyone ever heard of lightning striking your tamed dinos? Seriously, is this a new thing or an old thing I didn’t know existed?
  2. I thought this was about lag and getting kicked. It’s really awful to put all that effort into your game and suffer loss, not because it’s part of the game (being eaten, etc. lol) but because the game keeps crashing.
  3. Hi. Thanks for your response. The admin couldn’t fix it, it was the entire list. The entire primitive plus unofficial session list. Primitive seems to get less love. And the servers are down again.
  4. Servers Down unofficial prim plus This has happened before after the Halloween update. What is going on? Officials load no problem. Network status Healthy 542.33.
  5. Again, no unofficial servers listed for over a full day now. Official comes up no problem. What is going on?
  6. Anyone heard anything? I have so many questions about PP SE and no one to ask. I really like PP, but no Halloween event, Viking axe not working correctly. Is there any hope?
  7. Primitive Plus Scorched Earth Where is everyone? Lol.
  8. I finally got in. Which server are you trying. I’m PVE SCORCHED EARTH PRIM PLUS
  9. Hi. I having issues as well. Everything worked yesterday, today not. It will find the servers, but not let me join anything, Prim plus or Survival. Have you had any better luck since your posts?
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