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  1. Because they don't feel that adding a proper ending is a good use of their time or resources, which, in my humble opinion, is bullpoop. Buuuut, I don't work at WC, so what can you do?
  2. Yeah, I posted it once before the Game Suggestions board existed. On here as well as on Reddit.
  3. If you genuinely wish to enjoy the game together without the pressure of upkeep I would recommend getting your own server or hosting local multiplayer. It's just not viable on Officials to even experience, much less enjoy, all maps without an absolutely massive Tribe.
  4. I don't know, PvP crowd has always seemed way more elitist to me.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how they handle it for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these creatures are only available in Genesis.
  6. I mean... PvP is not exactly the be all end all of Ark. There are other games for that...
  7. All PLANNED DLCs. These were not planned at that time. That was one season, this is another season, and therefore a separate purchase.
  8. It is a brand new Expansion Pack which comes in Two Parts, each part will have a distinct but connected storyline and separate maps.
  9. I would bet my lunch for the rest of the year it's a fourth Expansion Pack.
  10. I seriously doubt anything is going to be coming to Switch at any point. Ark can barely run on Switch.
  11. So, I have posted this here on the forum in the past, but with the Advent of this new Suggestion system it sounds like Wildcard has pretty much given the go-ahead to repost stuff that you want back in the public eye. So here goes... 17 New Creatures | 8 New Biomes | 65 New Engrams Ark: Sunken Echoes Explore the Seas Like Never Before Sunken Echoes takes ARK players to a storm-tossed archipelago surrounded by unfathomable depths and alien beauty. Eight new island and high-seas themed biomes, tropical jungle, tropical shoreline, mangrove swamp, kelp forest, coral reef, jellyfish forest, open sea and abyssal trench – each with startlingly different visuals and inhabitants - will surprise and delight you in endless succession. Full to the brim with new resources and adventures, Survivors must do their utmost to master the frighteningly quick onset of deadly weather patterns and the unpredictable currents of the open waters. More New Creatures The various biomes of the deep sea and the islands contain a myriad of interesting new wildlife, make friends with a curious nut-cracking Toucan, surf on the back of the majestic giant sea turtle Archelon, and discover the deep dwelling Draconic relatives of the desert Wyverns, just be wary, lest you fall victim to the vicious Kraken! The Central Pillar of the Expansion What makes this expansion so interesting and what sets it apart most strongly from the others is that you can rarely if ever remain in one location for an extended period. Permanent land-based bases simply aren’t a viable option; in the deep jungle and shoreline biomes, Thatch and Wooden structures suffer Wet Rot, while Metal and Tek structures suffer Rust Corrosion, not only do these Debuffs cause damage to structures over time, they also allow more types of dinos to damage them and apply a damage multiplier equivalent to structures normally built in caves. This is where our new Structure Tiers come into play: Flotillas! The Wooden Flotilla Tileset begins to unlock at level 15 including Foundations, Walls, Doors and Doorframes, Windows and Windowframes, Ceilings, Hatchframes and Trapdoors, Ramps, Rope Railings, and Docks for a total of 12 new engrams. The Flotilla Tileset allows you to build floating structures directly on the water’s surface. Of course, any structure that floats freely in water is subject to the changing currents of the ocean and will drift slowly most of the time, but will occasionally be driven vast distances depending on the shifting speed and direction of the ocean currents. Essentially, your base is mobile, and you don’t ever have complete control over where it will end up and what challenges you will have to face as a result. When you go out to collect resources, you may even come back to find your entire base gone! This way gameplay is once again re-invented, and players are forced to adapt to a new set of challenges and a new play-style. As you level up, Iron-Sided Flotillas, and finally Tek Flotillas are unlocked, each one being progressively more resistant to the effects of weather and currents but never completely immune. All told, that’s 34 new Structure Engrams! Basic Flotillas are built using a new resource, “Kelp Pods” which can be collected from deep diving in some of the safer shallows, while Iron-Sided and Tek Flotillas require heat treated Sail Fish Fins and Forest Jelly to create flotation devices. Docks are used to tie creatures and rafts to Flotillas so they don’t get lost, while Anchors are another (expensive) engram which can be used to temporarily slow or stop your Flotilla from moving. New Mechanics and Weather States Swan Dives and Standard Dives - When jumping into water from different heights your character will perform one of two animations; either an Assassin’s Creed style leap of faith with the wind whistling past you and some visual effects similar to the Griffin dive and Snow Owl dive, or a standard drive like you might perform into a pool. Water Clarity – On this ARK it is a general rule that the shallower the water is, the clearer it is. It does not appear at all murky like it does on other ARKs, except during specific weather events, and the deeper waters have reduced visibility only because of lower lighting levels. Monsoon – A powerful wind storm that carries a stinging deluge behind it, as long as you stand unsheltered during a Monsoon you slowly lose both Oxygen and Stamina, this weather event has a more sudden onset than any other, hitting you when you least expect it. Hurricane – This weather event has a lot of tells that indicate that it’s coming, allowing you to prepare for it. Once it hits, all flyers and climbers have the “Soaked” Debuff triggered, which prevents them each from taking flight or scaling walls/ceilings respectively. If flyers land in water they begin to lose stamina and start to drown once it is depleted. It is also harder to move on land due to the extreme winds, and most Wildlife will hide (read: despawn). High Tide – Roughly 25% of the available Island territory can be engulfed by the rising and falling tides of Sunken Echoes, sometimes spawning creatures that would not otherwise appear. Flotillas can also be beached and become stationary until the next High Tide. Torrential Currents – Occasionally some mysterious force will cause the powerful water currents present throughout the Archipelago to speed up drastically. During this time the water’s surface appears highly agitated and swimming consumes Stamina much more quickly, while Oxygen is regained more slowly and it is difficult to stay surfaced. Flotillas structures move most quickly and most unpredictably during these weather events. Sand Traps – Certain biomes have quick sand pockets that players can fall into, inducing the “Panicked” Debuff, which prevents them from moving and requires the player to calmly move in rhythm to a Heart Gauge on their U.I (like Giga’s enrage or Trike charge for example) in order to escape. Mudslide – Within the Deep Jungle Biome the thick foliage can often obscure sudden drops in the terrain, going over one of these edges can trigger a Mudslide and prevent the player from controlling their descent while also obscuring their vision (can recycle Chalico’s dirt splat on the camera). New Creatures Toucan – A friendly but colorful tropical bird which can be tamed passively, can sit on the survivor’s shoulder and be given Shelled Nuts to crack open. Dew Hopper – A genetic hybrid with traits of both Aphids and Grasshoppers, this little creature is untamable and will kick at Survivors when startled before running away. Being hit by one of their kicks triggers the Winded Debuff, as it is roughly equivalent to being punched in the stomach. When killed, Survivors may harvest Honeyed Dew from its back in small quantities. Diving Spider – An arachnid which traps air around it’s abdomen so that it can swim through the Mangrove Swamps and hunt fish freely. Tamable but not rideable. Right-click causes the spider to wrap around smaller creatures while underwater and attempt to drown them, consumes Stamina at a constant rate. Once tamed, can produce Air Gel consumable. Archerfish – An enormous relative of the modern-day Archerfish with some traits of Sunfish, these creatures shoot pressurized bolts of water from beneath the water’s surface in order to hunt Dew Hoppers. Can inflict the “Soaked” Debuff on flyers and climbers. Tamable, up to two riders can cling to leather straps on either side of its narrow body, which can swim against strong currents without being slowed down. Weak primary attack, ‘C’ goes into aiming mode for water bullet, can only be used near the surface of the water. Likes Honeyed Dew. Manatee – A slow-herbivore which is impervious to the attacks of most Mangrove Predators due to its thick protective fat. Excellent fiber harvester. Best way to get around safely in the Mangroves, but be careful to avoid Apex Predators as Manatees are too slow to escape… Archelon – A living raft immune to the effects of chemically induced Torpor, it must be lured in and then “broken-in” similarly to the Equus by a survivor clinging to its shell. While in rodeo mode the Archelon is extremely fast and it’s impossible to predict where it might go, leaving you in a potentially dangerous situation should you fall off. Once tamed they are immune to the attacks of Cnidaria and can safely harvest biotoxin, holding right-click causes them to into an Aqua Glide mode ala Crush from Finding Nemo. Giant Orangutan – Enormous and deadly primates which inhabit the Deep Jungle biomes of the various Islands, these creatures are larger than Gigantopithecus by far, vicious fighters capable of challenging even Apex Theropods, they are the first mammals introduced to the Apex Predator Class. They can swing across the branches of the larger trees in the Deep Jungle biomes once tamed and clamor sideways along sheer walls, enabling rapid traversal, they cannot however climb upwards on walls. Standard attack is a double fisted slam, right-click will pick up and toss certain creatures, when swinging through trees or climbing walls you can also press ‘C’ to do a ground slam AoE attack. They love Splananas! Sea Serpents – The four-legged Draconic residents of the Isles, every member of this species is a strong swimmer and largely immune to the powerful currents of their native habitat. Their serpentine bodies are adapted for supreme underwater agility including leaping out of the water in a manner similar to Basilosaurs and performing extraordinarily sharp turns. They can freely move between water and land and are relatively fast runners as well. When moving on land, their long necks arch upward, making them look somewhat like Sauropods… Sunken Echoes is home to three variations of this creature: Kelp Serpents, Coral Serpents, and Abyssal Serpents. Like Wyverns and Rock Drakes, one must find a nest and steal an egg to claim one of these mighty beasts as their own… Kelp Serpents right-click enables them to lash out with kelp covered tendrils and constrict a foe to damage them. As long as the Kelp Serpent has stamina, an ensnared creature cannot break lose or venture more than a set distance from their attacker, forcing a confrontation. Coral Serpents right-click breathes a cloud of microscopic parasites which quickly produce coral growth on anything they touch, significantly weighing down players and creatures caught in the attack. Abyssal Serpents utilize vestigial chemical glands in their bodies to heat stored water to a super-critical state before spewing it on their opponents in a deadly steam explosion. Kraken – Enormous cephalopods that dwarf Tusoteuthis… Mostly found in the Abyssal Trench but can also be found hanging around procedurally generated Flotilla wrecks. Boarding one triggers a PvE style event in which you must fend off tentacles which will attempt to capsize the remains of the Flotilla with you on it… The Flotillas offer great loot if you succeed in fighting it off, and the Kraken can also be tamed if you deal enough damage to specific tentacles before the event ends… When ridden you can initiate a PvP version of the original PvE Event by swimming up to enemy Flotillas and using its Special Attack (Tek Flotillas have a setting which offers immunity to both versions)! Sail Fish – Bearing traits of both sword fish and flying fish, these creatures are capable of entering a frenzied torpedo like swimming state capable of propelling them dozens of meters out of the water before spreading their glide-adapted fins and cruising through the air a fair distance. They are capable of performing this gliding maneuver in any weather condition and will actually regain stamina while airborne. Shield Crab – A large but slow-moving arthropod which primarily inhabits the Abyssal Trench, the Shield Crab boasts enormous and practically impenetrable claws which it can slam into the sea floor to create an impervious frontal barrier that is immune to nearly every conceivable form of damage. Can also perform a slam attack powerful enough to break off raw metal ores from the ocean floor and deal significant torpor even to large predators. Natural dangers to the Shield Crabs are Kraken and Tusoteuthis as they can both render them unable to use their special abilities. Bullet Shrimp – An extraordinarily colorful crustacean which can perform cavitating strikes with its claws. They have the capacity to pierce through armor and are the only creature naturally capable of shattering a Shield Crab’s defenses. Xiphactinus – A deadly predatory fish which moves and hunt in small schools that behave much like raptor or wolf packs. This dangerous predator can be tamed but is too rowdy to be saddled, leaving riders with a deadly but unarmored mount that must rely on numbers to draw out its true strength. Deinosuchus – Enormous crocodilians that surpass Sarcosuchus in size and power, they are slower both on land and in water, but can inflict the Bleeding Debuff and hit hard. Sea Snake – A venomous denizen of the shallower ocean biomes, they never leave water and will generally ignore humans, but if you bother them you will be injected with a nasty bite that drains Stamina and Health while increasing Torpor… Cannot be tamed. New Biomes[DR1] Tropical Jungle – A much wetter and foggier version of The Island’s forest biomes filled with palm trees, vines, some trees large enough for Tree Platforms, and a few never before seen creatures. This biome is extremely dense and difficult to navigate with twisting paths that are easy to get lost in, mud slides, and dense foliage that can slow your movement speed as you push through it. Occasionally you may also come across water holes that run deep into the earth and connect to cave systems. Wood and Thatch structures suffer “Wet Rot” when built here, while Metal and Tek suffer “Rust Corrosion,” making it difficult to base in this biome long-term. Also home to Plant Species W! Common Creatures: Araneo, Diving Spider, Arthropleura, Achatina, Archaeopteryx, Toucan, Dew Hoppers, Beelzebufo, Diplocaulus, Dimetrodon, Leech, Meganeura, Piranha, Kaprosuchus, Mesopithecus Rare Creatures: Therizinosaurus, Giant Orangutan, Raptors, Troodon, Argentavis, Gigantopithecus, Megalania, Titanoboa So Rare As To Induce Speculation About Whether They Actually Spawn There: Abyssal Serpents Tropical Shoreline – A vibrant beach biome with rolling waves, has white and black sand variations, covered in seashells which may contain silica pearls or occasionally black pearls. Certain parts are also rife with broken palm fronds, frayed rope, and drift wood, making it extremely easy to collect early game resources for those who know where to look. Generally, a safer place to build, but highly exposed to both player view and weather events. High Tides will trigger “Wet Rot” and “Rust Corrosion” on appropriate structures, but these debuffs will not be applied all the time. Common Creatures: Ammonite, Carbonemys, Hesperornis, Icthyornis, Icthyosaurus, Manta, Lamprey, Pelagornis, Trilobite, Toucan Rare Creatures: Tapejara, Pteranodon, Mesopithecus Very Rare Creatures: Spinosaurus, Otter, Archelon, Megalania Mangrove Swamp – A very dangerous biome full of deadly predators and natural dangers, here you may run into most of the Apex land predators, fall into difficult to escape quick-sand traps, or be shot from the large tree branches that span the deeper waters by an intrepid Archerfish! Common Creatures: Dew Hopper, Diving Spider, Baryonyx, Carbonemys, Coelacanth, Diplocaulus, Dimetrodon, Eurypterid, Kaprosuchus, Manta, Manatee, Meganeura, Piranha, Trilobite, Troodon Rare Creatures: Sarcosuchus, Spinosaurus, Deinosuchus, Archerfish Very Rare Creatures: Archelon, Basilosaurus Kelp Forest – The safest underwater biome in the Expansion, Kelp Forests are where most players will have their initial deep diving experiences. They typically border Mangrove Swamps and Coral Reefs and aside from the occasional wanderer, Kelp Forests are home to few predators. They do however home most of the large otter populations of The Archipelago and are well liked by roaming Archelons. Here you may occasionally find a deep sea cave entrance that links back to one of the Water Holes in the Deep Jungle Biomes. Common Creatures: Otter, Trilobite, Ammonite, Diplocaulus, Basilosaurus (w/o Manta swarm), Coelacanth, Icthyornis Rare Creatures: Archelon, Archerfish Very Rare Creatures: Sail Fish, Cnidaria, Kelp Serpents Coral Reef – One of the safer biomes overall, but not as safe as the Kelp Forests, Coral Reefs are home to a multitude of expansion exclusive resources and they are probably the most fun to look at. Eye candy is everywhere, with a broad spectrum of colors, light rays splitting through the water’s surface, schools of small tropical fish, and perhaps the occasional roaming shark or sea snake… Occasionally, you may find macabre skeletons and half eaten remains lodged in the corals, suggesting the presence of an as of yet unseen super predator… Common Creatures: Ammonite, Trilobite, Coelacanth, Manta, Hesperornis, Icthyornis, Diplocaulus Rare Creatures: Archelon, Otter, Sea Snake Very Rare Creatures: Cnidaria, Megalodon, Sail Fish So Rare As To Induce Speculation About Whether They Actually Spawn There: Coral Serpents Jellyfish Forest – Seemingly random in their placement, Jellyfish Forests are the first semi-deep biome available to players and one of the more dangerous places in the expansion. As you might guess, they are packed to the brim with Cnidaria and other dangerous predators, but are also attractive to the Cnidaria’s natural predator, Archelon. Most Cnidaria that spawn in this biome are far more passive than those in other biomes and they form natural “walls” and “tunnels” within, suggesting that the bioluminescent plant-life and bacterial colonies in the center of these biomes have an almost hypnotic effect on them. How these two forms of life benefit from each other is uncertain, but their bond is impossible to ignore… Once inside, escaping can be difficult, unless of course you have tamed an Archelon and literally eat your way out… Common Creatures: Cnidaria (purple colored passive variation), Ammonite, Angler, Coelacanth, Electrophorus, Eurypterid, Lamprey, Archelon Rare Creatures: Cnidaria (normal variation), Megalodon, Trilobite, Dunkleosteus, Manta, Basilosaurus, Sail Fish Very Rare Creatures: Shield Crab Open Sea – A seemingly plain biome made more interesting by skittering shoals of fish which can be harvested using Spears, Pikes, or Harpoons (new engram), and Flotilla Wrecks (some created by Kraken PvE events and once inhabited by actual players!) which can be raided for resources and blueprints! (Beware any denizens that might be within…) The Open Seas carry most of the ocean currents which will be moving Flotillas around the map; and are home to almost every Apex Ocean Predator imaginable in one location or another, even if rarely. The Open Seas also border every other Ocean Biome in at least one or two locations, and they are most vulnerable to Weather Events. Common Creatures: Dunkleosteus, Manta, Megalodon, Pelagornis, Sail Fish, Xiphactinus Rare Creatures: Tapejara, Deinosuchus, Mosasaurus, Basilosaurus, Hesperornis, Icthyornis, Otter, Leedsicthys, Plesiosaurus Very Rare Creatures: Kraken, Coral Serpent, Kelp Serpent So Rare As To Induce Speculation About Whether They Actually Spawn There: Spinosaurus Abyssal Trench – The final biome players will likely explore and home to two Sunken Obelisks, the Abyssal Trench is the dwelling place of the most dangerous predators and the most valuable resources. It is a dark place which requires bright light to illuminate and often hides threats until they are too close to ignore. Here and there you may find volcanic vents which create clouds of boiling water and cast an eerie red glow on the ocean floor… And if you explore long enough, you may find the migratory breeding grounds of the Sea Serpents! Common Creatures: Shield Crab, Xiphactinus, Dunkleosteus Rare Creatures: Kelp Serpents, Coral Serpents, Megalodon, Mosasaurus, Tusoteuthis, Sea Snake, Plesiosaurus, Manta, Archelon Very Rare Creatures: Kraken, Abyssal Serpent, Leech, Lamprey, Leedsicthys, Ammonite, Trilobite New Resources, Plants, and Consumables Resources Shelled Nuts – Found on some types of trees in the Deep Jungle, they cannot be cracked without Pliers or a friendly Toucan! Tropical Nuts – A resource yielded by cracking open Shelled Nuts, they last a long period and restore a significant amount of Food when consumed. Honeyed Dew – A resource collected and distilled by Dew Hoppers, good luck getting more! Restores Stamina… Kelp Pods – A type of membranous pod that can be filled with air and used as a potent flotation device. Sail Fish Fin – Can be heat treated and shaped into an inflatable used in advanced Flotilla Construction. Palm Fiber – Can be refined into rope for use in making Anchors, Docks, and Harpoons. Forest Jelly – Can be refined into a tough plastic for use in certain underwater applications. Dense Ore – Can be refined into multiple Metal Ingots, only found in the Abyssal Trench! Plants Splanana Seeds – A seed type for a new Advanced Crop beloved by certain creatures of the Archipelago! Plant Species W Seeds – A seed type for growing Plant Species W! Can only be grown in the Deep Jungle Biome and produces natural weapons of increasing quality the longer they are fully matured. Consumables Saline Water – Any water harvested from the ocean or Mangrove Swamp biomes must be properly filtered before it can be safely drank. Air Gel – A consumable produced by Diving Spiders, can be consumed to restore a little Oxygen, but drains Health… Toucan Egg – An egg laid by a Toucan. Archelon Egg – An egg laid by an Archelon. Diving Spider Egg – An egg laid by a Diving Spider. Deinosuchus Egg – An egg laid by a Deinosuchus. Sea Snake Egg – An egg laid by a Sea Snake. Kelp Serpent Egg – An egg belonging to a fabled Sea Serpent! Can only be hatched under special conditions… Coral Serpent Egg – An egg belonging to a fabled Sea Serpent! Can only be hatched under special conditions… Abyssal Serpent Egg – An egg belonging to a fabled Sea Serpent! Can only be hatched under special conditions… Fruit Salad – An energizing blend of Nuts, Splanana, and Citronal, grants increased Stamina Regen and immunity to certain Weather Effects! New Debuffs Soaked – Inflicted by the Monsoon weather event and by Archerfish shots, when Soaked you have less Hypothermal Insulation, lose Stamina more quickly, and if applied to certain creatures it prevents them from flying or climbing! Winded – Inflicted by a Dew Hopper’s kick, this Debuff lasts a short time and slows your movement significantly! If you are hit by multiple Dew Hopper kicks in short succession, you may throw up… Constriction – Inflicted by the Kelp Serpent’s tendril attack, prevents you from moving more than a set distance from the Kelp Serpent and repeatedly inflicts damage as the tendrils tighten! Overgrown – Inflicted by the Coral Serpent’s breath attack, it causes your weight stat to rise dramatically the longer you are inside the cloud! Decays over time… Scalded – Inflicted by the Abyssal Serpents steam blast and by the water around Volcanic Vents, this debuff deals a large chunk of damage initially as well as blurring your vision and forcing you to drop random items from your hands or hot-bar! Enamored – Inflicted by staring at Bioluminescent colonies in the Jellyfish Forest for too long, causes you to black out and move in a random direction while draining Food and Water… Sliding – Inflicted in the Deep Jungle biome when caught in a mudslide, prevents the player from fully controlling their descent and covers the camera in mud for a short time… Panicked – Inflicted by Quicksand Traps, time your movements carefully to avoid being sucked further in! New Engrams Wooden Flotilla Tileset – 12 Engrams, Unlocks at Levels 15 and 16 Iron-Sided Flotilla Tileset – 11 Engrams (minus Dock Tile as upgrade is unnecessary), Unlocks at Levels 30 and 31 Tek Flotilla Tileset – 12 Engrams (includes Gravity Dock upgrade), Fully unlocked after fighting first boss on Beta difficulty or higher Fish Scale Wet Suit Armor – 5 Engrams, Unlocks at Levels 15 and 16 (provides added Insulation for early game diving and comes with webbed gloves/primitive fins without a movement speed penalty on land) Rope – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 8 Solar Still – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 8 (Slowly provides desalinated water) Harpoon – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 10 (Excellent for harvesting fish, can also be lodged in ocean predators to make them flee temporarily) Anchor – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 28 (Provides resistance to Flotilla drift) Water Purifier – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 40, (Enables you to purify Saline Water in great quantities and can supply a pipe system when built on a Flotilla!) Heavy Rain Cloak – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 35, (Protects from Soaked Debuff, mitigates Scalded Debuff, and can be shed to remove Overgrown and Constriction Debuffs) Manatee Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 11 Archerfish Harness – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 27 Sail Fish Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 44 Deinosuchus Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 50 Archelon Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 56 Shield Crab Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 61 Orangutan Harness – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 74 Kraken Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 91 Flyer Perch – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 20 (Provides an elevated place for flyers to safely stand idle) Watch Tower – 1 Engram, Unlocks at Level 40 (Provides an elevated place for archers and snipers to shoot from) Tek Primordial Actuator – 1 Engram, Unlocked after fighting Ancient Abomination Boss on Gamma or higher (Advanced Crop Plot for accelerated growth and higher yield) Tek X-Bow – 1 Engram, Unlocked after fighting Ancient Abomination Boss on Beta or higher (Can fire three bolts before having to reload) Tek Stun Arrow – 1 Engram, Unlocked with Tek X-Bow (Inflicts instant Torpor with electricity) Tek Plesio Saddle – 1 Engram, Unlocked after fighting Ancient Abomination boss on Alpha (Has an element powered “Aquaglide” mode which makes Plesios the fastest aquatic mount in the game) Tek Solar Sail – 1 Engram, Unlocked after fighting Leviathan Boss on Gamma or higher (Provides wireless power in same radius as Tek Generator as long as it is in daylight) Tek Torpedo Pod – 1 Engram, Unlocked after fighting Leviathan Boss on Beta or higher (Superior Harpoon Launcher with variable effects) Sonic Torpedo – 1 Engram, Unlocked with Tek Torpedo Pod (Causes certain Predators to flee desperately) Gas Torpedo – 1 Engram, Unlocked with Tek Torpedo Pod (Creates a Torpor inducing cloud underwater) Explosive Torpedo – 1 Engram, Unlocked after fighting Leviathan Boss on Alpha or higher (Deals massive damage) New Artifacts, Tributes, and Bosses Artifacts Artifact of the Ancient – Found in Deep Jungle Cave Artifact of the Putrid – Found in Under Sea Cave full of nasty critters Artifact of the Tepid – Found un Under Sea Cave full of enormous beasts and Sea Serpents Artifact of the Core – Found in Abyssal Trench Cave Artifact of the Alluring – Found in Jellyfish Forest Cave Tributes Kraken Beak – A trophy/tribute item gained from killing Krakens during a PvE Flotilla Attack. Kelp Tendril – A tribute item gained from killing Kelp Serpents. Coral Tendril – A tribute item gained from killing Coral Serpents. Abyssal Tendril – A tribute item gained from killing Abyssal Serpents. Orangutan Cheek – A tribute gained from killing Giant Orangutans. Bosses Leviathan – A massive draconic denizen of the abyss with an ear-splitting scream, the Leviathan makes heavy use of scalding water, leaving trails of it in his wake and frequently performing torpedo attacks that allow him to dash from one end of the arena to the other. Gameplay has a heavy emphasis on locational awareness and dodging pockets of scalding water which become increasingly entangled the longer the fight goes on. Summoned using Artifact of the Ancient, of the Core, and of the Tepid. Ancient Abomination – A Lovecraftian entity that stands upright on the sea floor, makes heavy use of minions and hypnotic attacks. Gameplay focuses on using the environment to avoid hypnosis and close in on the bosses weak points while peeling minion aggro off key players. Summoned using Artifact of the Ancient, of the Putrid, and of the Alluring. [DR1]Old Creatures Ammonite Angler Araneo Arthropleura Achatina Archaeopteryx Argentavis Baryonyx Basilosaurus Beelzebufo Carbonemys Coelocanth Cnidaria Diplocaulus Dunkleosteus Dimetrodon Electrophorus Eurypterid Gigantopithecus Herperornis Icthyornis Icthyosaurus Kaprosuchus Leedsicthys Leech Lamprey Manta Meganeura Megalania Mesopithecus Mosasaurus Megalodon Otter Pelagornis Piranha Plesiosaurus Pteranodon Raptors Sarcosuchus Spinosaurus Therizinosaurus Titanoboa Trilobite Tusoteuthis Troodon Tapejara
  12. Official server should be fine because no matter how high the item quality is after server restart the damage percentages should drop to either to 298% or 310% depending on who you ask.
  13. Ah well, that’s kind of sad, but I completely understand. It would be a ton of work. Hopefully 2020 and beyond when they’re working on Ark’s sequel they can build their maps in such a way that similar changes would be much less daunting. *fingers crossed* Regardless , looking to be an awesome event!
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