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  1. Also, imo I'd start off on pvp. You'll soon learn how to play the game within days heh whereas with sp and pve, there's not really much to push you..
  2. This. I quickly learned to use square on the ps hahaha.
  3. Honestly, I just want to be able to adjust my character's features and give her long hair. Oh, and have a skirt lol. Something that I'd also enjoy is weekly achievements where we could unlock different clothing skins. Idk like kill so many of these, so many of those, and get this haha.
  4. No, cuz it happens with all dinos and recently a fresh, raised owl. I accidently knocked myself off above water, bird ignored me, had to die and fly all the way back. She got no supper that night. LOL I'll have to double check I haven't selected something though cuz knowing my dumbass I probably have.
  5. The spyglass whistle doesn't work for me atm. Idk if it's broke or what
  6. One of the main risks with this game when taming/raising is an incoming update. I don't understand why you would complain about it to begin with? 10 minutes is plenty of time to stop whatever you're doing, and I suggest you pay attention to when updates usually drop to avoid further disappointment. (Hell, what did people used to do before cryopods?? Have troughs full of meat for situations like this..and not raise so many babies at once.) As for the saving, I've always been in the same spot I was disconnected at, with everything how it should be, so if you're saying your server didn't save then it was some sort of glitch. You've been on this forum long enough to know when you start a raging post no one is going to take you seriously, especially when it's to do with an update.
  7. Well you clearly skimmed my post, or ignored the advice given, and just ranted on about your internet connection that I'm not paticulary interested in tbh. Maybe try less babies on days updates are due? And maybe bollock steam off seen as though only 10-20% is being used.
  8. Honestly, I can hear the screams for over here. Wait, did you just throw your keyboard? What was that sound.. I'm just jk. Don't kill me.
  9. And furthermore, I don't mean to sound like a B, but try not to have a hissy fit over a 4GB update. It's nobody's fault that you don't have fiber. I could understand if you were on broadband taming a rex with amazing stats, or even a quetz or giga, and then a 40GB update drops, causing a mental breakdown, but jeez, 4GB.. and you're raising stuff on your own accord.. Take note, and only raise a few babies in future, perhaps?
  10. To be fair, 10 mins is more than enough time to cryo those dinos. Why even have that many dinos out when you *know* there's the possibility of an update lurking around the corner... Live and learn, m'dear.
  11. Bonfire night, I think. Or maybe the second. I think it says in the menu.
  12. Oh c'mon, we all know it was the flyer nerf.
  13. Let everything despawn numerous times. Could kick myself, especially when there's an event and I need kibble lol
  14. I have no problem with people pillaring resource areas, pathways, and beaches. What I cannot stand is seeing acres of land just pillared from one end to the other. That's when I think they should be banned. Like extinction for example. The server I'm currently on, down in the sunken forest is pillared to high heavens.. and it's usually by some dilo that has 50 behemoth gates, and max tribe dinos on display, not even making use of the cryopods. Yeah, they can do whatever they want, but the fact that they can be lag city, and prevent others from being so too is just flat out (a word beginning with c that I cannot say) behaviour. Like, get your own server if you think you can control a public one. I know it's only a game, but that really pees me off lol. There's my rant for the day.
  15. I doubt it. I bred a female mutated argy with a wild male, and the baby was a male with the mutated colour from its mother, and normal "wild" white from its father. I think it just boils down to luck. Edit: oh wait, I get you now. My mutated was a female, and you're talking about a male so... yeah. Useless comment really.
  16. I wish all metal electric cables/pipes, metal structures, greenhouse structures, fridges, and the generator, etc.. had at least a 2-3 week timer.
  17. Yeah, don't do it unless you're set up. ALWAYS use a fresh character on a new map, and just transfer dinos/things. No stress of losing your character then.
  18. Honestly, if you're really desperate for them, and want hundreds whenlver you like, just buy extinction and go tame some black pearl gachas, or trade for one in the trade section. It will make life sooo much easier, trust me lol.
  19. I miss mine lol. Hopefully there will be better ones ahead
  20. Like others have said, if you can't stand all your stuff being destroyed, just play pve. The feeling you get logging on to all your stuff still there is heavenly lolol.
  21. God damn it. I woke up this morning like "gonna dl ark and get back into it" and I come to the forum and see this. I hope it gets fixed soon
  22. You should have seen it at the beginning of the year lol. You used to have to have a ton of different dinos for different kibbles. Idk why they didn't just up the drop rate tbh. Still, it's better than what it was.
  23. People in a large group that rule the server they play on. Some are apparently nice from what I've heard, but all of those that I've come across like to chat sheet and cause trouble with other players lol.
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