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  1. I given up with them. Only gonna tame then when I'm making huge batches of kibble, and then they can despawn until I next need one. I've mastered the art of bee taming so it's not such a pain in the ass anymore. Step 1: shoot rocket Step 2: pray to the ark gods it all goes well Step 3: pick up beehive. Simple!
  2. My hive was half full with flowers and it still vanished after 3 days It wouldn't bother me half as much if they weren't so annoying to follow when taming lol. My most recent fail, I followed one half way across the ocean before my bug repellent wore off (wouldn't let me apply another and in that split second I got attacked before I could do anything) and I got dismounted into the ocean
  3. I have tried EVERYTHING to get them to not despawn. Even if you can't fix it so you can pick them back up can you pleaseeeee do something about the timer. I was gone for no more than 3 days and poof gone!
  4. The image I have in my mind for pvp is hilarious. Idk why it's in slow motion, with them all running to the present like something out of hunger games, with that we wish you a merry christmas tune playing.
  5. I haven't even bothered this year because I know the headache that will come with it lol. Never understood why they would even do something like this in the first place and have people argue. It would be much easier if the presents just pop up on the ground so nobody knows where they are and they have to search for them. Edit: anyways, for anyone that is sick of arguing over the damn presents and just wants to be in and out. Pop a flare off and blind them all. Get the loot, and run. Muahaha. Sorry, I'll be quiet now.
  6. ArkRage

    ARK 2!!

    IF IT LAGS!!! I will lose my mind.
  7. We will get it eventually. Polished to pefection with a bit of luck.
  8. You will love this game all over again if you start fresh. It sucks that legacy didn't get support, but people were warned in advance. I know everything you ever had will be gone, but doesn't it sound exciting starting again? Finding that perfect spot.. building up your base/tames.. Just try to forget about the things you had, and look forward to the new things you will get.
  9. I can't believe I flew around the top right corner of that map terrified of bumping into one of these and they don't even spawn.
  10. ArkRage

    ARK 2!!

  11. ArkRage

    ARK 2!!

    I honestly thought this is the route they would have gone
  12. The very first two I found were somewhere where the pink trees are, and I've seen a couple dotted about in the fields that follow down from near the snow (I can post coords another time if needed, I'm terrible with the name areas of the map xD) but the most common place for me, and where I would suggest, is the islands down south west. Literally the bottom left corner. I have tamed I think 5 from that area. Mostly on the islands closer to the coast. There's about idk 10 little islands or so, you can't miss them.
  13. They spawn all over on crystal isles. To the point where they are common lol. Killed a low level the other week, walked a few steps, and found another! Idk if two spawned at once (because apparently only one spawns per map), but that's some quick spawning, I tell you. It was on official servers, but maybe try searching that map. Don't think I've ever seen a unicorn on any of the other maps
  14. Ahhhh today?? Eeeeek! There hoes my evening.... again.
  15. I could have sworn if said unofficial server has downloads/transfers open, you can transfer, but I honestly have no idea how it works. Maybe I dreamt it. Side note, wouldn't that be amazing though? If you could transfer things from your server to another person's server? Just like how official works, but unofficial. I'd leave official forever if I could do that I'd run my own server, and just join other people's for trades Ahhh, the ark dream. (Imo ofc)
  16. I think it's time wildcard got their fingers out their arse and start compensating their faithful players for all the bugs/glitches/losses they have endured. This isn't early access anymore, wildcard. Why the hell they can't compensate players for their losses even with recordings of the events that unfolded is beyond my comprehension. /rant over.
  17. I asked because I never usually pay attention to when the update times are and I couldn't find anything anywhere stating a time. Only a few hours to wait, so I'll leave my items in the obelisk
  18. Just uploaded a ton of stuff thinking the servers would be open by now
  19. I think the only thing a gacha won't eat is large poop. Don't quote me on that tho
  20. Also, I'm pretty sure it was a glitch because I had a treehouse platform randomly despawn, but not a camp fire 2ft away from it on a mini base
  21. I honestly think there was a timer glitch recently. I lost all my tames on ragnarok and saw my arse over it when I logged on because I reset the timers religiously.
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