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  1. I asked because I never usually pay attention to when the update times are and I couldn't find anything anywhere stating a time. Only a few hours to wait, so I'll leave my items in the obelisk
  2. Just uploaded a ton of stuff thinking the servers would be open by now
  3. I think the only thing a gacha won't eat is large poop. Don't quote me on that tho
  4. Also, I'm pretty sure it was a glitch because I had a treehouse platform randomly despawn, but not a camp fire 2ft away from it on a mini base
  5. I honestly think there was a timer glitch recently. I lost all my tames on ragnarok and saw my arse over it when I logged on because I reset the timers religiously.
  6. I bloody hope so. I'm not going back on my jet engine of a ps4 once the ps5 drops.
  7. I understand your frustrarion, believe me I do, but it's not the players fault the devs can't make a game that doesn't perform how it should.
  8. Yes, but you have to be online to collect the eggs, whereas you can just log on to a bunch of fert eggs from the deins. A bit of space is nothing, just convert them to kibble asap? Not only that, but it's a breeze to steal their eggs, and raise them.
  9. They're quite common crystal isles. Managed to tame a bunch of them
  10. Put it in your inventory and yours birds too and consume it. R2 on ps4, I think.
  11. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fast it is to load into a server now? Idk what you did, but keep it coming. Good job, Wildcard.
  12. Can we take a moment to talk about the egg incubator?!?!
  13. I noticed that too. I just got all my previously hatched to juvy, and put aside for a rainy day. It's all we can do
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