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  1. ArkRage


    I see a lot of complaints on the forum to do with this. Maybe if everyone just quit WC would work on a rebalance and other things.
  2. ArkRage

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    Maybe whoever tamed it wasn't in a tribe. Idk how it works
  3. ArkRage

    Event not working on Rag?

    I think it's a bug for you. When I logged on I saw a 140 blue pteta and almost backflipped off a mountain to get it before realising It'd be useless for me.. lol.
  4. ArkRage

    Really, now you disable auto-decay?

    Never been so happy and then dissppointed in one thread before. Lol
  5. ArkRage


    I want be able to pay to have the timers lifted on structures. Not something I'd pay for every month, but it'd be nice to have the option for that, and to come back to a base after a month away from the game.
  6. ArkRage

    gacha [Help] Collect Gacha crystals.

    I wish they would at least let us have more than two next to eachother. Driving me crazy having them scattered all over. That and trying to get them all to eat from the same trough.
  7. ArkRage

    Classic PVP

    They need a pvp mode like conan. Idk what it's called but something like pve c. Basically it's pve but there's times where players can fight/kill without damage to their structures. I'd be all for that kinda pvp/pve. Be sat camping waiting outside a troll's base like it's purge night.😂
  8. ArkRage

    Become a GM

    I think a moderator would have informed the op by now if they were interested.
  9. ArkRage

    Raptor pounce issue. Intended, or glitch?

    They're glitchy af. One pinned my argy down by its wings. Not sure if it's a glitch or not but it was funny af HAHA
  10. ArkRage

    Become a GM

    There's plenty of people that have been here way longer that they would consider first.. 🤷‍♀️
  11. They might be exploring another map and took their dinos with them. 🤷‍♀️
  12. ArkRage

    Movie Pitch

    At least we know it would be good Tbf tho the trailers are amazing whoever made them.
  13. ArkRage

    How do you teach yourself how to tame?

    Tbf it's just trial and error. You pretty much can't go wrong with kiting something into a pen 🤷‍♀️ Then as your confidence builds, and you know the "behaviour" of said dinos, you just drop them in the safest place you can find. As for kibbles: ...yeah. Once you realise how precious that stuff is you won't wanna be figuring it out on your own.
  14. ArkRage

    Shop stalls and apiary for pve

    Seriously. Or like some sort of vending machine where you just insert whatever resource the seller wants. That way you can buy even when they're not online. I can't imagine a bunch of dinos sitting inside a vending machine, but it could work.😂