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  1. Ahhh, bless you. My slow broadband days are a distant memory now. I don't know where I'd be without fiber, and lord knows I appreciate it.
  2. Is there going to be a rollback? I tamed a 150 event argy welp lol It'd be a shame to see it vanish
  3. I wouldn't know. I haven't played pvp for a few years now, so I'm just giving my opinion on it when I did. Tried again about a year ago and got annihilated by a max level when I was a beach bob cooking meat on a campfire.. probably attract all the raptors because I'm female LOL. I get too attached to the things I spend my time on so I just stuck to pvp.
  4. All anyone ever says is "it's pvp" so with that attitude I switched to pve. Just peeing in the wind on this game playing pvp unless you're part of an alpha tribe. Pointless imo farming/taming hours on end for it to be gone in an instant. Zero logic lol.
  5. That's not too bad then cuz we have plenty of time to make batches.
  6. Craaaaaaaaap!!!! You just reminded me I put a bunch in the bin days ago. FML it's gonna be spoiled Edit: how long is the event for?
  7. Okay, okay, let's just forget about it all. I can understand your frustration, but tbf you didn't mention that you don't have rag, etc.. I don't have much advice when it comes to a tape or argy, but there is a nooblets video you could watch. I vaguely remember him whistling an argy. One sec, I'll find the vid.. He has different options which might be helpful. He has some really useful videos too, and straight to the point.
  8. Thank you. Thought it was me for a moment.
  9. Read through that monstrosity? No thanks. Watch some youtube videos then if you don't like people's suggestions. Want to tame a quetz but don't have a clue how to do it? You asked for the best strategy, and that is it. You will just kill yourself with a ptera or argy so good luck with that.
  10. so much easier to go to rag and get one tho. Too much faffing about with grappling/whistling.. just making it harder for yourself. Takes a few mins to ko a 150 with a griffin so I imagine a lvl 9 would be like 2 darts Edit: offering you some advice to save you a ballache using a argy/ptera and you facepalm me? You know where you can shove that. Bloody cheek of it honestly..
  11. They were talking about that earlier on ragnarok380.
  12. so you don't have to come on here and experience what you're going through now.. you're rambling on about imprints, but I never said sheet about doing them on multiple servers. I was simply stating that it would be wise to have characters on other servers to reset decay timers without transfering/losing.
  13. Why don't you have characters on other servers? This is why you have mutliple on different servers then you're not losing any(thing).
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