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  1. Been there. Heard it a million times since. Play pve.
  2. Shhhh. I still have another 12h shift before I have 3 days off. I've got plansss!
  3. Is this no sickness a permanent thing? If so, good.
  4. @itsmeJosh I would definitely play pve though. Just remember tgat even though it's pve people will still try to mess with you. A few tips to help you in pve without sounding bossy lol: Don't start building your base until you have enough pillars to dot around "your" base area. There's nothing worse than setting up and seeing somone pillar you in as you're in the middle of building. Try not to build in an area where it's easy for people to kite large dinos to you. I'd recommend on the edge of a cliff, or even a tree base. Try to build server friendly. What I mean by that is, try to choose a spot where you would need minimum dino gates. And for the love of god upgrade to metal tier whenever you can, because stone bases are laggy as hell. The regulars on the server will appreciate the above more than you will ever know.
  5. What do you play on? Rag 380 is a nice server for ps4.
  6. They probably have over a million emails to reply to. I wouldn't expect a response for at least 6 months lol.
  7. My work is like "If we get infected we're all gonna have to stay here" and I'm like Already spend 12 damn hours a day there. I'd rather commit! LOL. But yes, an event would be good for those off work.
  8. Fabricator unlocked and emptied Logged in to find this on pve. Don't know wth is going on, but this is ridiculous. Never known anything like it.
  9. NOOOO is it over already? God sake, I just got time off work. UGHHHH
  10. It'd be nice for an official subscription wouldn't it. I'd definitely be up for it. Surprised there isn't something like this already tbh
  11. This is why I won't spend weeks breeding for bosses. Cuz knowing my luck, it'd happen to me
  12. I do earn stuff myself. But if my neighbour is gonna toodle along and give me a boss rex egg to raise for free, I'm not gonna say no
  13. Kibble. Idk if I've just had bad luck, but I hatched a 150, 145 130, and a 135 and they were all male I'm not sure if getting females are rare or not. Their sats suck tho. The 150 didn't have a mimimum of 1k hp! It was like 800 Tf.
  14. For anyone that keeps losing their bees. I know the easiest way ever to tame, and you don't even need bug spray. It works first time on 2x, so I'd recommend doing it then (with kibble). So after smashing the same beehive in for the idk 10th time on ragnarok, I noticed the "path" the bee goes is always the same, and she stops at a certain rock. All you need to do is rpg the hive, sit on your bird and follow her at a distance, then as soon as she's at said rock, jump off your bird, and sneak up on her and spam the feed button. Easy peasy. If anyone wants to know the coords of the hive lmk, but for anyone that knows that map like the back of their hand, it's at the far west side of the biome where the vultures spawn. You can stand on an edge from afar to avoid aggro too.
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