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  1. ArkRage

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    Nah you're all wrong. They're reskinning the characters again, but this time there'll be tek tits and tek di.. that shoot lasers at all of the beach bobs that come within a foot of you begging for stuff and thangs. Lol. Idk where that came from. 😂
  2. ArkRage

    end game Fixing ARK!

    The multiple accounts could kinda be resolved on the ps4 if it didn't allow other users to use the game through the primary acc. At least if people are going to have multiple accounts, they're going to need multiple copies of ark lol.
  3. ArkRage

    An idea for the Tame Cap

    How do you know they are not seeing to a base on another map? I used to have a base on rag, but played on abb to get other tames. There's only enough hours a day to do so much, so I used to "reset" my rag base a lot to make time for abb. ☹
  4. ArkRage

    Selling in game items

    I think someone on reddit posted ebay links to dinos the other whenever. I was like wt.. 😂
  5. ArkRage

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    What an ignorant reply.
  6. ArkRage

    Tapejara Taming Help

    What the first perosn suggested. Be careful not to kill it tho :3 I spent forever and a day looking for one, lead it back, and accidently killed it. I never knew they were so delicate at the time. LOL.
  7. ArkRage

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    Nice dinos, but an ugly ass base. I guess they tried to make it pretty with the castle thingys at either side tho lol.
  8. ArkRage

    Obelisk Crashing

    When it used to happen to me I just kept restarting the game until it worked. Not a solution, sorry, but it's the only thing that worked for me lol.
  9. ArkRage

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Don't I'm genuinely nervous about getting a temp haha. Lemme edit my post to be safe. 😎
  10. ArkRage

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    From this thread, I was under the impression it was him and anyone that was in his tribe. Either way, it's still weird they did what they did without a formal warning.
  11. ArkRage

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    I love the mods.
  12. ArkRage

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Something seems fishy.. wouldn't surprise me if they wanted him to do something and he refused so they demo'd his base out of spite lol.
  13. Amen.
  14. I think what's keeping this game alive is the fact that people think the bugs and glitches are going to improve, so they just "put up with it" because "it'll get fixed eventually." It's now, what, 2 years later? Lol. The devs don't care that it doesn't work. They're too busy making dlc after dlc, milking it for all they can, before scrapping it and starting with ark 2 . Idk about anyone else, but I should have known to stay away from a game that isn't being fixed while dlcs are dropping faster than the pounds from my body. Lol.
  15. I remember I put mine away in storage and didn't see a timer so I think you should be okay to store it.