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  1. I do earn stuff myself. But if my neighbour is gonna toodle along and give me a boss rex egg to raise for free, I'm not gonna say no
  2. Kibble. Idk if I've just had bad luck, but I hatched a 150, 145 130, and a 135 and they were all male I'm not sure if getting females are rare or not. Their sats suck tho. The 150 didn't have a mimimum of 1k hp! It was like 800 Tf.
  3. For anyone that keeps losing their bees. I know the easiest way ever to tame, and you don't even need bug spray. It works first time on 2x, so I'd recommend doing it then (with kibble). So after smashing the same beehive in for the idk 10th time on ragnarok, I noticed the "path" the bee goes is always the same, and she stops at a certain rock. All you need to do is rpg the hive, sit on your bird and follow her at a distance, then as soon as she's at said rock, jump off your bird, and sneak up on her and spam the feed button. Easy peasy. If anyone wants to know the coords of the hive lmk, but for anyone that knows that map like the back of their hand, it's at the far west side of the biome where the vultures spawn. You can stand on an edge from afar to avoid aggro too.
  4. Mine just straight up vanished.
  5. Unrelated to gigas, but my bee disappeared when I logged on tonight. I gave my spare one away too, and I could just kill a dodo right now LOL.
  6. It is possible for dinos to spawn in mid air too, but I agree with what you're saying. It doesn't hurt to be higher up off the ground. Less chance of things to spawn inside your base if you're dangling from a cliff lol.
  7. I play pve, and things take time when you have other priorities in life. Not all of us want to be all-powerful gods on a pvp server.
  8. It takes me like 3 years to get up and running properly when I start fresh Why on earth would you wanna play on a server that gets wiped at all let alone every year?
  9. Also, increase the chance of colour mutations. Encourage players to want to breed. Right now it's such a put off. You've got it all back to front. Hatching eggs should be what takes the longest, not raising the baby.
  10. Happy with the grill and fridge. The rest I'm like meh. I have gas coming out of my ears as it is so I guess mine will now last until the day I die LOL. The generator should have had more slots rather than a reduction on gas consumption imo. Decay timer for metal foundations, generators, and anything else like cables, etc.. need a boost. Just give us 3 weeks for metal and metal structures for crying out loud. I wanna be able to cryo all my dinos and just have a break from the game from time to time but it's impossible without losing everything.
  11. There's something off with dodoex cuz twice on 2x I got shafted with a griffin and a velo. Emailed the guy in a fit of rage saying it's not right, and he replied! I haven't dare reply out of embarrassment Edit: sorry, thought you was gonna say something about the time/amount of kibble not being right lol.
  12. Good luck! Get yourself a light pet (or 10) for starters, then the nameless won't be as bad. I wouldn't suggest transferring things to Ab just yet, incase you can't get back out. Try and get yourself some spinos too. They'll be a huge help. I miss Ab lol. I gave up in the end
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