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  1. Cackling like a mad woman whilst running to the nearest obelisk/drop with 100 narcos I stole from someone's rex. Lmao
  2. Something similar happened with me in the past but with rexes. Hatched my first set of twins (female), jumped for joy, server rolled back, hatched a crappy male 😐
  3. I don't think Wildcard know anything anymore tbh.. The issues you mention have been around for a looong time, but hopefully they will get around to fixing them this year and not 2020.🤷‍♀️
  4. Or better yet, just transfer the gacha lool
  5. This is so strange. 🤔 I know I'm not losing my mind cuz I had 3 baby velo triplets and I got them all out together and obv two were ko'd so I fed them something to wake them up faster and I could have sworn it was stims. I know I wasn't dreaming cuz two are raised and the third died cryo'd so now I'm confused as hell looool. Maybe I was dreaming, who knows lmao.
  6. It does, my baby velo was kod and it woke up faster when i fed it something and im sure it was stimberries.
  7. I just feed them stimberries to speed it up lol
  8. I'm more annoyed at myself for clicking on a thread titled "owl butt" LOL But yes, it's a pain in the ass collecting their eggs. I tend to park them sideways then you can reach them.
  9. Peed off the alpha and their allies on the last pvp server I played hahaha. It was HILARIOUS. I think I even piked their 150 rex to death and stole the narcos on my way out and the best part was that they didn't even believe me😂
  10. It was the first thing that popped into my mind when reading this thread haha I half expected you to say it too lmao
  11. Tbh just to be safe I'd always keep a character on the server. Get one of your tribe mates to add you from a new character and just keep it around in case of emergencies lol .
  12. I doubt they will help you if it's a legacy server
  13. I also have a hard time finding rexes, especially decent lvl ones. I can spend all day looking and nothing. There's a guy on the server I play on and I swear he pulls them out of his ass.. event 150s- the lot. No idea where he finds them lol.
  14. Getting to that stage where I'm like... do I continue playing? Will I randomly get wiped for some silly reason? Think I might get my old ps out and host my own server
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