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  1. That is what wildcard said by not doing anything about people meshing
  2. Becareful trying to download the game tries to make you a new character
  3. Servers on official are having upload and download issues
  4. Solution don't build in caves issue solved
  5. Stalker issues Takes 300 bloodbags to tame low lvl stalkers . Swarm also agros from long distances . Megacherlons Don't tame anymore on official .
  6. Why are cheaters not getting wiped on genesis when they get preg and transfer to genesis is this not breaking the code of conduct ?
  7. Since update still bluescreen And just lost full teked character on genesis I belive Game desynced character was on server 1191 in bog aka swamp
  8. That is too much like work for them just like turning legacy into official or only allowing character transfer like they did with ab
  9. First off Great Game Second Fix the issue with loss of characters in single player I lost three characters.
  10. I will tame a nameless queen and have her defend my base from offline raider scumbags
  11. Will legacy servers get Ragnorck?

  12.  .

    #593299 Lost character lvl 94

    Monday at 14:54  Phanom2012

    Went to transfer and when I spawned it was gone my ticket was never taken care of 

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