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  1. Phanom2012

    I placed a vault on a structure

    The foundation is still where I put it as I said nothing in tribelog about it decaying and nothing about it getting destroyed
  2. And it disappear not in tribe log of it getting destroyed and not noted as demoed not auto decayed Lost BP's and cryoed Dino's fully imprinted And had another prefabbed base including Indy forges chemical benches we hat around 800 element 500 poly all in the vault that just disappeared .what will the ticket be under ?
  3. I hate automated responsee such as this Hello, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. Your request (1104215) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. Below are a few general links to hopefully point you in the right direction for your issue in the meantime. If the issue has been solved by one of these, then just reply letting us know that you no longer require assistance and we'll close the ticket once we get to it. Thank you! Stuck/Lost Dinos/Survivors - If you're still having an issue with a lost survivor let us know and we'll do out best to get you some assistance. - To expedite your stuck dino issue, please review this link for more information:
  4. Phanom2012

    I was in my motor boat

    Yeah it literally flew in the air and exploded
  5. Phanom2012

    I was in my motor boat

    Nah the raft flew in the air then exploded .lost three Indy forges one grinder one grill and a bunch of other stuff
  6. Phanom2012

    I was in my motor boat

    And I logged out then back in and it flew in the air and exploded lost ascendant gear cryofrig and three forges grinder meat brews and Abu unch of other stuff.
  7. Phanom2012

    fanfiction Idea for the devs

    Please try to add a mechanic to where we can dig like in 7dtd 7 days to die I love how you can dig bases underground I believe that might help with players meshing if we had solid ground underthe map and able to dig it may help alot but that might also involve restructure of the game reprograming it and doing a overhaul.
  8. Phanom2012

    Cannot access original character

    That is an issue they are trying fix .Sorry the other guy wasn't helpful.
  9. Phanom2012

    Lost my character

    Try Placeing a ticket keep on them they will take forever if you're not . Legacy I lost at least five charactefs and they replaced one . I have at least 5 tickets in right now
  10. Phanom2012

    Code of conduct violation ?

    I do have screen shots and would love to have that tribe wiped as for PlayStation they do have a report botton but it is only for ps. Offensive behavior .
  11. Phanom2012


    I need pods filled with Golems to tank turrets on server 92 Green ob is littered with turrets and need destroyed Also bring meks drops are blocked with vaults
  12. Phanom2012


    Cheaters what are you doing about them wildcard??
  13. No it is because your not a youtuber
  14. That is too much like work for them just like turning legacy into official or only allowing character transfer like they did with ab
  15. Server 620 is still broken still unable to transfer out and DL items