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  1. What happens if you play on dedicated server , but have UseSinglePlayerSettings=True in the game.ini , will the Bosses be server strength or SP strength ?
  2. Yeah I really hate this. I like the polar bears and got a few good ones on Valguero but they can't even be uploaded. ( I only move dinos as is and never in cryos as I lost plenty dinos before uploading them in Cryos ) I really don't know why this is in place and wish they would fix it already. We can move other modded map dinos like Crystal Wyverns from CI , so why not polar bears from Rag or Valguero.
  3. Started to hunt for X-Variant dinos on Genesis. I didn't know they can have 15 more levels than other dinos. Only found that out this week. So now I want to get a bunch of them to transfer to my other maps so I can utilize those extra 15 levels. Especially on the fighters like Argies , Rexes and Yuti's. It went ok for the first night. Got 150 male and female Argies and a 150 Yuti as well.
  4. Did you remember to do a dino wipe so that the new stuff can spawn ?
  5. And the list just keeps growing as I tame more dinos. I can't get the list of tamed dinos to clear permanently
  6. Hi all , every time I log into my server the taming hud is full of all the previous dinos I have tamed. Then I have to click on them one by one to clear the list. Next time I log in the whole list is back. How can I clean the taming hud list quickly and permanently ?
  7. I have never tried the auto harvest method with Doedi hanging from an Argy. Does the Doedi have to be on a specific "attack target" or " wandering enabled " anything like that for it to auto harvest or does it not matter ?
  8. It definitely is still the case. They removed all items and candy from the last event ( Fear Evolved ) with an update right after the event ended as well as all the event items from the previous events such as summer bash as well. I don't know how you still have the items as it was physically removed from the game everytime with an update. Only the skins stays.
  9. For screenshot on Xbox: Press the Xbox button once , then press Y button for screenshot. If you have gold then you can upload your screenshots from your library to OneDrive. OneDrive can be installed and accessed on any Win10 pc from where you can download them to pc. PS: This instructions is for Xbox One and One X. I dunno on the new Series X
  10. Not much info to go on there , but I once had the game crash on any map I tried to load. Turned out to be the -preventhibernation launch option that was missing. ( I always play with that on in SP ). So with that option missing the game could not load any of my maps and when I put it back all was well again. So if you used that launch option previously , just check if it is still there.
  11. Due to their new policy ( ok not that new , since Vday ) of removing Event items after event and also removing the ability to keep events running on private server and single player I don't care about events anymore and don't even do any of it anymore.
  12. Build my first hover skiff today. Man I love that thing ! Can pick up almost any dino with it. For the first time I can now pick up Rexes/Spinos/Alos and fly them to my taming pen at base and tame in peace.
  13. I have not bred Gachas yet , but I am planning to in the future. This thread have lots of things that is confusing to me. So if someone can just sum all this up. 1. So in baby stage you give them NO food at all ? Just keep them rendered ? Without any parent present ? 2. At juvi stage they need food in a trough , but what is best then in the trough ? Berries ? Or Seeds ? 3. Does Juvi and upwards eat kibble , if there are kibble in the troughs ?
  14. - Yeah , between 4 and 5 minutes to load all my structures in the base. The structures varies in size , but are not really that big. The biggest ones are a 12x12 main building with storage , another 12x12 with some dinos in ( not very much , about 15 dinos ). Then a smallish crafting area with smithy etc that I would say is not much more than about 8x8. A Taming pen of 8x8 A Greenhouse of 5x5 And that's about it. All buildings are single story and not multiple floors high. Apart from the Dino storage building there are some dinos standing around the base. Utility and fighters and
  15. Hi all , I have setup a new server with ASM , but the rendering of structures is extremely slow. If I leave my base and come back it takes about 5 minutes for my structures to render in. Some details: - The server and client is on the same pc. So network lag is not a factor. - I always played SP and never had this issue in SP. I switched to using server to get rid of the various spawning issues in SP. - It is the same map as I used in SP that I copied over to the server. The Island - PC Specs: CPU : Gen 9 I7 8 cores , RAM: 64gig DDR4 3200mhz , GPU: Geforce GTX1070Ti 8gig GDDR5 -
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