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  1. Honestly? I'm rather partial to using a spino. but thats because I can go water and land.
  2. London1234

    Dino Dentist

    lol thats brilliant friend
  3. London1234

    Polymer vs Organic Polymer

    I'm personally not a fan of organic but if oyu're going to be using large sums of it and quickly then its best use that and stockpile your hard poly.
  4. London1234

    Dock Island base build

    You need weight carriers, and maybe an outpost..
  5. London1234

    Methods of Farming Spino Sails?

    Murder alllll of the fishies.
  6. London1234

    Is Ark dying ?

    Honestly I feel as if if they treated the Legacy server people a bit better in the beginning with just SOMETHING, it'd possibly have a bit more population.
  7. London1234

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    I dont mind them but I do maybe prefer them to be "less".
  8. London1234

    Thinking about getting Aberration

    Hey there, I'm an avid Ark player on PC and was curious as to what IS Aberration? What do you do? Benefits of having it?
  9. London1234

    Tricks on Leveling up Quickly?

    Using a grinder and killing things