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  1. we now have 20 people. You have 27 days until pvp! Lets get to 50 ppl
  2. What a great first day guys!! We got about 15 people in total on day one. We keep this up and we will be on schedule to cluster after the first month to Ragnarock!
  3. Are you ready? Let me start of by discussing how this server will be unique. It's FAVORED towards PVE. For 1 month (starting today 1/13/21) sever will be PVE only. Grind away, because after that month there will be 1 day (every Saturday) where we will unleash the worst.. other players. 1 day of PVP PER week. After the first month of Valguero we will cluster to Ragnarock. After today's launch and having 15 ppl on day 1, this will be much needed! The Server is not geared towards hardcore sweaty PVP'ers, but they are also welcome! Sometimes ark just gets a bit dull after 1-3 month
  4. To join: Open Steam > View > Servers > Favorites > add server > add Wikk3r on Twitch for questions! https://twitch.tv/wikk3r PVP Weekends after 1 Month of PVE. Starting Date: 6/11/2020 ~ *3 Experience rate ~ * 2 Harvesting rate weekdays. *3 Weekends ~ *6 Taming speed weekdays. *10 Weekends ~ *10 Baby growth speed. *15 Weekends ~ * 500 Egg hatch speed (Nobody got time for that) ~ 1-3 hour wait for mating interval ~ Faster health/stamina recovery on Players . ~ Slower Food/Water drain 0.1. Almost alway
  5. Please succeed in doing this. You will be a savior for us all.
  6. We have a group of 8-10 people from my stream https://twitch.tv/wikk3r starting Genesis as soon as it is able to download. IP: Pass: wikk Send me a DM on TWITCH letting me know who you are and how many you are bringing! If you do not, I will ban you Again, my name on twitch is Wikk3r: https://twitch.tv/wikk3r. We are looking to build a fun and engaging community. Any trolls will be banned. I will never play the game and not be streaming so feel free to ask me questions anytime on there. SERVER STATS: EXP *3 HARVESTING "*4 Tami
  7. Hey Real. If you are looking to join my server message the following gamertag on x box live: ARKGASM



    Thanks and hope to see you soon.

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