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  1. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Maedean's Shop ^_^ (CLOSED-FIND ME ON DISCORD)
    Veeeeery friendly and accommodating trader, would love to trade again in the future :)

    Tiatake was Trading

  2. McGuire left Positive feedback   

    Nice, Fast, Quick, and Friendly. Couldn't have been better

    Tiatake was The Seller

  3. Baker left Positive feedback   

    Sold user eggs for a argent was fast and easy!

    Tiatake was The Seller

  4. Thirel left Positive feedback   

    really nice trader and trustworthy, she made me a visit this time ^^

    Tiatake was Trading

  5. Hawktrader74 left Positive feedback   

    Super friendly. Nice easy trade. Thanks heap.

    Tiatake was The Seller

  6. MarkTheArkadian left Positive feedback   

    Sold my black fire wyvern went smooth and fast thx Tiatake!

    Tiatake was The Seller

  7. stijn left Positive feedback   

    Nice trader, fast and easy.

    Tiatake was The Seller

  8. Thirel left Positive feedback   

    Really nice player, fast and trustworthy. She gaved me a tour ^^

    Tiatake was The Seller

  9. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    One of the best Traders I had the pleasure to trade with ! 10/10 .

    Tiatake was The Seller

  10. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    She doesent like horses and wants to be a female. HAHA !!!!

    Tiatake was The Seller

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