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  1. Is the game safe yet?

    So it's looking pretty good, having tether still sucks, but eh I doubt it goes any higher than 30fps, very few games do. But still, having a solid 30fps by the sounds of it is honestly much more than I expected. Guess I'll find out for myself.
  2. Is the game safe yet?

    I haven't played ARK (XBOX) in a while and want to jump back in for Ragnarok, but the one thing that bugs me (pun unintended) is that I am afraid of how well the game runs now. The game is officially released now on Xbox, so I would hope that it might actually be optimized-ish now. Can I reliably play non-dedicated servers with friends now? Has the host tether been increased/ removed? Does it just run smoothly without any major annoyances.
  3. Wiping Officials: The big Reddit discussion

    I feel that when we bought a game in development, we should have acknowledged the fact that we will lose progress beforehand. Wipe away. If the devs are too afraid to wipe servers to forward the progress of development (such as a biome update)then the game's final production could be worse than it could have been, or at least delayed even more than it already is. I don't want the game to wipe often though, but I definitely feel right now would be a good time to wipe, and then when the game fully releases, wipe for a final time to give the game a fresh start, allowing new people to play free of bugs on new servers as a blank slate.
  4. Returning after a long break

    All PvE servers have pillars everywhere as a way of people "claiming" their land. Some people go overboard or troll with pillars. Can't say exactly how bad it is on SE, but I can assume as long as it's PvE, there will be pillars everywhere. My best solution is to find a well managed PvE server or play on a dedicated non official server.
  5. Stuck with how to go about building this base? Help Please?

    Definitely build a water pen there, I've had all my sea animals die to really determined megalodons which managed to squirm through my hastily placed spiked walls. I live in that same Bay area.
  6. Add sliders to change expense of blueprints and repairs of items with quality I don't like the price of acendent/mastercraft etc. items. I feel it is extremely unbalanced and overpriced for an average 2X damage increase. When I fire one shot of an acendent fabricated sniper, it immediately costs seven Polymer and a handful of metal to repair. What are they made of? Play-Doh? I'm not telling you change it across official servers, (although I would suggest it) but at least add a slider for us single player and unofficial server plebs who ain't got no time for that. I suggest adding two sliders, one for weapon degredation speed, with the lowest setting resulting in unbreakable gear. The other would be for blueprint weapons repair price, with putting the slider as low as possible result in the price being the same as an engram quality version.
  7. Does it do this every time a single player or non dedicated server is started up too?
  8. EDIT: Welp that's RNG for you.... can confirm the existence of metal foundations. Sorry for wasting your time. Do Metal Foundation blueprints spawn on Scorched Earth? I've checked dozens of blue or above beacons and realized that I've never found any metal foundations. Do they not spawn in Beacons at all on this map? It seems like maybe Adobe blueprints in Beacons have replaced metal as I've seen a lot of those, but I'm not too sure.
  9. Find a good dedicated server or play singleplayer. Not everyone likes official servers (quite a few of us frankly) so there are a lot of dedicated servers with modified stats and good admins to play on.
  10. So there is the Oviraptor wandering mode that makes it use pheromones or something that makes dinos lay eggs and breed faster, but since everyone over-encumbers them anyway, they basically just have wander disabled. So I was thinking that instead the Oviraptor will provide the current bonus while standing still. However, when they are wandering, they will instead wander, and gather any friendly dino eggs they see, with a MASSIVE weight reduction added to the eggs, or perhaps they will set the eggs they gather to a set 'nest' location where the eggs will be stored safely for later pickup by the player. This will add more utility to an Oviraptor and give a reason to tame multiple, so you can have one to generate eggs, and one to collect them!
  11. To be fair though, none of those situations are reasons for the map itself to be hard, they are all problems in the game that need to get fixed. Wyverns coming out of walls and getting dc'ed? sounds more like problems with the game or connection to me.
  12. Add an option for Scorched Earth to disable generator decay Please add an option to disable the Power Generator decay 'mechanic'. I find it to just be a constant menial labor job and not very fun or contributing to my survival experience at all. It doesn't help either that I'm playing single player.
  13. Add more achatina spawns on Scorched Earth Why do they have only one spawn in a cave in which they are untameable? Cementing Paste is a bad kind of grind when making it as the ingredients and crafting speed for paste is just downright broken. How can anyone accept no reasonable way to get paste on this map? I don't understand why the other two maps have boundless supplies of paste in dams and frogs, but Scorched Earth forces paste production into the basic very poor crafting recipe. I am never going to bother with paste unless necessary. I will never craft anything with actuall polymer either because getting organic polymer from mantises is far less boring and faster than making real polymer. Please for the love of a competent crafting system add some way to get cementing paste easier. Quick question: Does anyone here even craft cementing paste on servers with dams? I find the recipe way too expensive when dams and frogs are far better with less effort and time. P.S. I don't find "Because Scorched Earth is supposed to be harder" as a good excuse to defend the only way to get paste as a really expensive recipe.
  14. Bug 1: When the wild kapro grabs small animals (I.e. a raptor) while I'm riding it, it will grab both of us (intentional?), and when I get off my raptor and kill the kapro, the raptor is stuck in what appears to still be grabbed even though the kapro is dead. The raptor cannot be ridden or picked up by flyers, no further testing done if saving and quitting fixes it. Bug 2: Wild kapros (maybe even tamed ones?) can still leap when bola'd. The bola was still on it and the kapro couldn't move, but could still manage to leap and grab players.
  15. It may sound weird, but I don't want to see an entire building style be unutilized in the map. Maybe add one or two big trees to each of the oases (oasises? oasies? plural of 'oasis') under the obelisks. Possibly even just some big calcified trees or something. It would be nice for tree house platforms to be, ya know, not entirely useless on Scorched Earth! It may look kinda weird on the map, but any possible way to get treehouses on Scorched Earth would be much appreciated!