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  1. It may sound weird, but I don't want to see an entire building style be unutilized in the map. Maybe add one or two big trees to each of the oases (oasises? oasies? plural of 'oasis') under the obelisks. Possibly even just some big calcified trees or something. It would be nice for tree house platforms to be, ya know, not entirely useless on Scorched Earth! It may look kinda weird on the map, but any possible way to get treehouses on Scorched Earth would be much appreciated!
  2. Less animals to render, more basic terrain, the obvious lower details, and the the fact that ARK is not very optimized.
  3. Do dunkleosteus still spawn in massive packs in the ocean still? I mean they literally hogged ALL the ocean spawns.
  4. They can do that? It was kibble for a diplo! Major crap
  5. I like it too, but some features about it confuse me
  6. I think ARK finally managed to surpass the Creeper in terms of pure annoyance, all in one joy-filled update! A murderous tiny raptor with much more health and damage (cough, and a pack bonus), and the Pegomastrex! Not that the Pego is necessarily a bad idea, but there are a lot of things it has done which I suspect are NOT intended! Passive taming in their spawns with kibble is virtually impossible and a huge PITA as they not only decide to steal your kibble, but if you decide to get on your mount and kill it, the items will sometimes not go into your (or your mount's) inventory! And yes I checked the Pego again and it's not in there. The only reliable way to get your stuff back is to chase it on foot, risking another one of robbing you. Also it seems that if the Pego decides to come back and Rob you twice, the original items dissapear from it's inventory. Is there a "spoil time" on its items? Either that or it just wipes my first stolen items with the new set. I'm not here to complain about bugs, rant Wildcard plz nerf Pego OP, or add suggestions. I just want to know if these features of the Pego are intended, and if not, whether the devs know about these behaviors.
  7. I seems that the main problem of dedicated servers is reliability and cost, let's hope both these downsides can be fixed with cross-play allowing for console servers to be hosted on PC!
  8. Yeah there's always that problem, dedicated servers can sometimes dissapear without notice from the host
  9. TLDR; What do you think about Official Servers vs. Non Official (Dedicated) Servers? I find Non Officials better and more regulated due to the availability of good admins and such powers to keep those really toxic players out. Seriously, theres no way to prevent ALL exploits such as pillaring and kiting in PvE. Or impenetrable bases outside the map and Alphas that basically make it illegal to join 'their' public server in PvP. There are always going to 'these people' in this game, it's an open world survival game, you are supposed to do whatever you want. But they can greatly ruin the experience for so many other players, they are a minority having fun at the expense of a majority. That's what I think... That's also why I am never really going to play Official Servers (I'm not making a blood-pact or anything though), am I the only one who thinks this way about official servers? OBVIOUSLY extinction servers prevent much of this, and I might try them, but for regular survival, dedicated servers can offer a lot more fun to every player. They allow for admins which constantly check for exploits, a small community which can grow to become friends (and playing with friends makes ANY game better), and the ability to grow and prune your very own set of players, avoiding the more toxic players while retaining some the more normal players who along with having fun can still provide enough competition where they still will raid you in PvP, as the game mode is built around raiding, but still doesn't require you to be rude about it to each other. This isn't me complaining about official servers, or the people who play them, but to ask a simple question, what servers do you prefer? Official or Non-Official, and why. I felt the need to ask this question because I am always seeing complaints about the game, and (when they are not about bugs or poor optimization) they usually involve exploits which can easily be tracked and eliminated in Dedicated servers with good admins. Wish I could create a poll, but I dunno how. End of the semi-ranty post.
  10. What would everyone's opinion be on Modern tier servers? Basically based on the same principle as Primitive servers but will not have any of the new Tek items. Does it seem like a waste of server space? Would anybody play on a server with no Tek Tier? Am I dumb and is this idea trash? Let's hear your opinion!
  11. So when I make a procedurally generated ARK, it will save it to the console after it is made, roughly how much extra data does this take up in my storage? Also as a second question, how many PG ARKS can we have? I assume only 1. And roughly how long does it take to create a world on Xbox?
  12. While I don't agree of adding a "soak-proof" mechanic to turrets, I feel bullets should have full damage against dinos, which would help in your situation a little.
  13. If I read that evolution event being permanent post, that means a lot of modifiers will be doubled as a standard, this includes gather rate, correct? If so I feel the gather rate is perfectly fine, the cost of things, however, I don't. So if you were planning on doubling gather rate, I suggest you instead just lower the cost of most items by ~40%. Because I feel that due to weight stats, 2X gather rate won't really be that helpful, since we'd still have to make as many trips back to unload items as we've always had. Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate 2X rates, but I feel there is a better option specifically for gather rates.
  14. I hope frogs get some changes in the future! Now that there's beaver dams and achatinas, frogs have lost their only practical use, farming C Paste
  15. I pre build my entire house. I never build a small shack. As soon as I build my house, it's going to be my final house, thus I have to have a lot of room for every chest I'm going to make, that's why it took til lvl 70. Plus a 2x2 stone shack won't protect dinos, only items, so in order to protect your tames (more valuable then some chests IMO) you would need MUCH more stone.