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  1. I was actually excited to buy this DLC, but then my Valguero data was wiped on the update. Almost a dozen times I lost various maps and characters that I put way too much time into. I dont trust this game enough to put more money into it, even though Im probably guaranteed to get my moneys worth. Earn my trust back, and I will end up buying in, but right now the quality of the game needs a lot of improvement. EDIT: Update was sent out recently that restored my save data... this time. Definetly a good step in the right direction.
  2. I hope frogs get some changes in the future! Now that there's beaver dams and achatinas, frogs have lost their only practical use, farming C Paste
  3. Introducing Night Vision Goggles! Made with 80 metal, 220 polymer, 400 electonics, and 100 crystal! I'm joking of course but I seriously hope that they aren't that incredibly expensive considering we can make a Holo scope pretty cheaply.
  4. Destiny had DLC locked away in the game even if you didn't buy it... Pretty sure this is pretty legal, unless Bungie just has good liars, *cough* I mean lawyers.
  5. Are all/most of the new Official ARKs going to be Expansions? EDIT: By that I mean will they cost money?
  6. I'm just curious, but SotF is faster than the base game right? What speed are the modifiers set at?
  7. Am I the only one who is sad that Hidden Lake is NOT going to become part of the Snow Biome now?
  8. Is it just me or does the Dragon look A LOT smaller than previously depicted?
  9. Will there be official servers for The Center? Sorry if this was answered already.
  10. That's so dang sweet! I'm guessing this is coming to PS4 as well? I love seeing mods in console games.
  11. Why are people complaining that this update was two days late? It said ~February 10, do you people know that squiggly means 'around' right? And it DID release around February 10th.
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