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  1. we have to redo those boss fights? they look blacked out on my engram chart even though i completed those boss fights.
  2. Legit question...does WC ever address the meshing issue? I have commented on here like 1000's of others but i don't think i have ever seen a comment from WC about what they are doing to fix it or the challenges they have fixing it. Has there ever been an official response about it somewhere? i see some commenting on just taking away climbing picks, but these days you can do it with narcotics and snow owl. There is nothing worse than losing all your stuff that way. If i lose my stuff over a fight then im ok with that...but this meshing is really getting old.
  3. I don't understand the rush to open extinction servers to transfer. Hasn't it only been 60 days? You are robbing the fun of playing the game on this new map. There is no way to build up, develop breeding lines, acquire prints and items, etc in this short amount of time. So now you are going to open it up for long established tribes to show up with high level tames, 375 melee gigas, etc and just run over any server they want. Why not let the map develop and allow the players to progress in a way to catch up to everyone else? Maybe throw in a few 2x or 3x breeding events to speed evolution up a little bit. I think you really missed an opportunity here by opening the map too early.
  4. 100% agree! Would love to see an answer to this. I am guessing the undermapping is a massive problem they can't fix or they would have done so by now because it is absolutely ruining the game.
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