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    " GPD " ARK PS4 Server with Discord

    Hosting Hunger Games event this weekend!
  2. GaugedR34GTR

    " GPD " ARK PS4 Server with Discord

    We have recently added The Island to the cluster, and is the only map on the cluster to offer Offline Raid Protection.
  3. " GPD " https://discord.gg/y3spzAn a bunch of us transferred to this PS4 server after the one we were on for a bit shut down. this cluster is up for the long run, and will add extinction when it drops. it's still relatively new, and there are tribes joining this weekend from the other server. a lot of base locations are still available for now. it has starter packs upon request, currency, auctions, bases built solely for raiding and looting, and events. it also has a discord for easy communication. feel free to join, or message me on ps4 - Gaugedr34gtr.