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  1. Come join us this Sunday, July 7th for the grand opening of GPD's Summer Bash Event map!! You bring the drinks and BBQ, and we will bring the events and prizes!! The concrete is still drying on some of the builds, and TIMES WILL REMAIN TBA UNTIL THIS WEEKEND.
  2. Come NAKED today at 2PM EST, and join us on GPD for a guarenteed fun time at our Pirates event! We provide supplies, and you and your team have an hour to assemble a pirate ship. Then battle against other pirates, and raid the properly defended pirate base! Bring a giga heart today, and summon a worthy adversary from the depths of the Ark ocean!
  3. Want to join a very popular cluster, but are sick of joining ones, and finding no spaces to build? GPD CLUSTER for PS4 is EXPANDING AGAIN. Currently we are clustered with ALL MAPS for PVP and PVE. TODAY AT 12 NOON EST GPD IS ADDING A BRAND NEW, FRESH ORP CLUSTER TO OUR COMMUNITY. This is a rare opportunity to secure a place on a popular cluster with over 400 people in our discord community, and build on a fresh map. This opportunity is especially rare since we DO NOT WIPE on the GPD cluster.
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