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  1. This does not make sense. Are you under the impression that legacy players can transfer to official? If not then why is it important to move off of Legacy before it closes? You can not bring any of your stuff to Official so moving would be a mistake. The best option is to ride Legacy until it closes so all your stuff is on the last save and the make sure you download it.
  2. You do realize that running your own cluster is very expensive? The average person can not afford this so it is not an option.
  3. Never transfer your character if you can avoid it. Just make another on the other server. Also did you log back into BOTH servers to see if your character might be there? Sometimes the toon does not actually transfer. Just do NOT create a new character on the server until you have no choice.
  4. Only in the beginning. After a certain point it is a breeding and building sim.
  5. Boiling a game down to cost per hour played may be good in some situations but not in this case. This is still and actively played and updated game. Complaining expresses issues that should be addressed in order to make a better game. WC should always strive for the best version that they can produce and add content to that instead of ignoring issues and adding content as a distraction and money infusion. Also the game is not $60. You have to add the base game plus all expansions individually because that is how many acquired it. Ark's cost is in the hundreds and if WC recognizes it and keeps making content many more hundreds as well. Many players also pay monthly fees for this game to play a modded version because the official version leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. If you want a mystery then use self control and do not watch such Ark content. I do not know what the mystery is and I play Ark all the time. Who wants to watch livestreams versus playing yourself, sounds lame.
  7. The timer should just be removed entirely in PVE. It is just another limitation for PVP that PVE players have to suffer from for zero reason. Seperate PVP from PVE! It is on your QOL list please get this done.
  8. I am wondering if you are using the original ps4 or the ps4 pro? Do you have a SSD or hybrid drive installed?
  9. There should be. The new expansion should provide things to do for end game otherwise what is the point of it. Hopefully some of the activities are not too grindy like extinction was.
  10. All Wild Card servers are Official. It is generally referred to as Official or Legacy Official. People just use Legacy for short. You can transfer from a Legacy server to any Legacy server. You can transfer from Official to Official. You can not transfer Legacy to Official. Legacy is just old Official but many still play it for various reasons. I play it because the game is too grindy and I do not want to start over again. Plus the larger population tends to be toxic and I hate drama.
  11. Don't have just one character in your tribe. If you lose it then your dinos and structures will probably be gone before you get help. Have and Alt toon or a friend in the tribe who can get you back into your tribe to prevent a complete loss.
  12. So you are saying that I can get perfect tames with the wrong kibbles?
  13. And the point to stating the obvious? Just because things sucked in the past they should always suck?
  14. Higher level wild dinos with high quality Blueprint drops
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