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  1. Cinnamongod

    Extinction transfers

    This only serves to help the minority that are built up on Extinction. Bad suggestion!
  2. Cinnamongod

    Trading system (PVE)

    I agree and this would also solve the Kibble issue. Instead of invalidating the majority of dinos add an auction house.
  3. Cinnamongod

    Should restriction come on Extinction? (Dino Transfer)

    No! There should be no restrictions. Also, you should clearly specify that your complaint is for PVP.
  4. Cinnamongod

    Going to war because of presents

    There definitely will not be too much loot and you can not kill people in PVE. Only certain Blueprints are dropping, mainly Ghillie, Swords, Pikes, Crossbows, and a few saddles if you are lucky. It will take getting 100+ BP's on the same piece to even get a chance at getting max stats on it. There are too many variables with too much range on them to only need one drop.
  5. Cinnamongod

    Going to war because of presents

    Anyone can loot the presents NOT everyone. Let me explain more clearly because you are not understanding. If I loot the present then it disappears and no one else can loot it causing the greed issue. Instead, if the presents only disappear when their timer is finished and everyone that gets to the presents before they disappear can loot them players can then work together instead of against each other. There is no good reason why the presents can't have the same loot for everyone. It should only be limited to looting once per character not once per map.
  6. Cinnamongod

    Going to war because of presents

    Not true. They can make it so that everyone can loot the present. Problem solved.
  7. Cinnamongod

    How Does Gachaclaus Work?

    Has anyone tried to put something else like stone in the inventory along with the coal and mistletoes. Also is it better to save it up. The one time I did it I got a lot of primitive crystals.
  8. Cinnamongod

    Pve way to deal with drop theives

    Look at that! People go to the forums and "whine" and something gets done about it. So was it really whining or was it what the forums are here for? This would work much better if people would not pointlessly fight each other on here even if they have no faith that a change will ever take place. Do not interfere with the attempt for positive change; support it or remain neutral.
  9. Cinnamongod

    Pve way to deal with drop theives

    That was already the case and it was the very thing people were complaining about. The majority of player do NOT want PVP in their PVE at all! If you want a hybrid mode then ask for PVPVE maps instead of advocating for the ruined experience of the PVE player base.
  10. Cinnamongod

    Industrial forge and pickup option

    I can't you would still have to carry all the ingots necessary to repair along with all the other resources. If you are worried about boss fights then just don't allow those items placed there if it is not already. Plus there are many dinos that are mobile smithy's anyways so this argument doesn't make much sense.
  11. Cinnamongod

    30 Seconds is a Joke

    So if it is perfect then explain to everyone how you pick a misplaced structure up that is out of reach in 30 seconds?
  12. Cinnamongod

    Pve way to deal with drop theives

    And you know this how? Are you secretly an employee pretending to be a player on the forums? I love how people come to the forums to state the obvious. The forums true purpose is for feedback and suggestions not pissing all over people ideas. People asking for change is not an expectation. Who is the one being hyperbolic? Many game employee safeguards so that players can not leech off of others. There is no reason that WC can not do the same. They do not have a similar mechanic in Ark that compares to the OSD's so it is not out of the question to think that significant changes will still happen. There needs to either be personalized loot or a participation scoring that prevents leecher from stealing undeserved loot. Players are right to request this issue to be fixed and they should keep asking as loudly as possible because eventually something will get done about it. Ignore people who tell you otherwise as they do not have the games best interests in mind.
  13. Cinnamongod

    So who is moving to Atlas?

    No I will not be buying or playing Atlas for the foreseeable future. It seems to me that it forces PVP and I have zero interest in PVP. I am also not even close to getting through the current Ark content because they make it so time-consuming and grindy.
  14. Cinnamongod

    Pve way to deal with drop theives

    If you accept things the way they are then why are you wasting your time to post on the forums? You are just muddying the waters of possible change. The forum is a place that you come to point out issues that need to be fixed, whining as you call it. It is way more effective if everyone is in agreement. When you argue with legitimate points people are making then you justify the devs in their inaction. If your optimism has already been defeated the stay off of the forums. Have you heard the term self-fulfilling prophecy?
  15. Cinnamongod

    30 Seconds is a Joke

    If everyone pretends to be completely happy with the way it is now will there be any future updates? They said they were going to add S+ a long time ago but 30 seconds is not S+ at all. The game has always had the ability to allow picking up of structures. It was just disabled on Official, so all they did was to add a timer to official and pretend they added S+. This kind of crap needs to be called out not blindly supported. I in no way said I did not appreciate the little that has been done. 30 Seconds, of course, is way better than 0 seconds but it is still not S+! Your admission to the first example of a more involved complicated structure is the point I have been trying to make. This update was slopped together with only very basic structures in mind. This can only help beginners mostly and simple snap issues. For the addition to truly be a huge building improvement it has to be way longer than 30-seconds preferably no timer at all. If they need a timer because of PVP then make it function differently in PVP. Do not screw over PVE players, the majority, because of PVP! We must push on game developers to do the right things in the right way not appreciate half measures because we are worried about their feelings.