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  1. Boiling a game down to cost per hour played may be good in some situations but not in this case. This is still and actively played and updated game. Complaining expresses issues that should be addressed in order to make a better game. WC should always strive for the best version that they can produce and add content to that instead of ignoring issues and adding content as a distraction and money infusion. Also the game is not $60. You have to add the base game plus all expansions individually because that is how many acquired it. Ark's cost is in the hundreds and if WC recognizes it and keeps
  2. If you want a mystery then use self control and do not watch such Ark content. I do not know what the mystery is and I play Ark all the time. Who wants to watch livestreams versus playing yourself, sounds lame.
  3. The timer should just be removed entirely in PVE. It is just another limitation for PVP that PVE players have to suffer from for zero reason. Seperate PVP from PVE! It is on your QOL list please get this done.
  4. Break official in what way? Why would you pick up your base because of your forge? How small is your base that it could be picked up in a matter of minutes? You could not pick up my base in 5 hours. Based on your responses I do not believe you have enough experience to give recommendations. I have used S+ and it is in no way OP. It simply automates many of the annoying and monotonous tasks which frees you up to actually enjoy the game. I do not think you know what you are recommending. You are shooting yourself in the foot.
  5. I do not think it works that way at all. I would say there is just a timestamp on each structure placed and based on that date and time it enables you to pick up or not. The ability to pick structures up has always been in the core game mechanics it is just disabled on Official. You can enable it on single player or modded servers. They are actually making server performance worse by keeping track of the timestamps. If you could just pick items up anytime then they would not need to keep track of that at all. I have messed around with building and 30 seconds is basically pointless; by the
  6. I completely disagree. Many players, not just you, have the attitude that a dino tamed for eggs is useless; this is illogical. The use is for eggs which is a use. There are like 100+ dinos in the game and if this change happens in this way then you will only need 6. That make rather large groups of dinos that have similar egg types. You will only need one of them and everyone will figure out which one is the best one to keep and all the other dino's in that group will be ignored. Even if they have other uses unless what they do it vital they will be excluded from gameplay. Six dinos will give
  7. Raw meat? Are you serious? Do you realize how long that would take? It is impractical and stupid. A 150 Mosa would take 15 Hours and 35 minutes as well as destroy your taming efficiency. It will take 1010 Raw meat and 6225 Narcotics to do it that way. Just because you can do some things does not mean you should! There is a reason why the game makes it that painful because it is telling you that this is not the way to do it.
  8. I am not even sure that this is S+. The structures have always had the ability to pick them up it was just disabled. It feels like a trick.
  9. I agree that there are positive aspects to this change but you do realize this will make the majority of dinos pointless. The types not just the ones being used for eggs currently. Also alot of the games beginning progression will be gone because of this. You could not just tame a Queztal or Mosa without taming previous types of dinos.
  10. OP has been getting thrown around too much lately. It is not OP to have to tare down an entire base, hours and hours, only to have to rebuild it elsewhere, more hours and hours. Even with the ability to pick up structures if you do it wrong the all the above or below pieces get destroyed. A new terrain will not accommodate a building built somewhere else. So you will most likely have to produce like 25% new pieces anyway to adapt it to the new area. My mention of dino's being useless is not in the respect of the specific dinos that are being used for eggs obviously. The entire type of din
  11. 30 Seconds really? Why have a limit at all? The game already has enough grind in it. I am not sure how I feel about the Kibble rework. I know it will positively affect the egg farms needed but it also dumbs down the gameplay. The majority of dino's will become useless unless TLC's are done for all of them.
  12. If one likes surprises then they should not be watching any content that would otherwise spoil it. Self-control is the issue here.
  13. It is going to take raising $80,000 to get to 8X times. I am not sure that will happen. It will also slowly increase 0.5X over time meaning that even if it gets to 8X it will only be for a few hours.
  14. NO. Breeders are helping the players to do the upper-level content by breeding BOSS dinos and distributing them so others do not have to breed them. People just do not think about what they have and where it came from. Imagine running Alpha Boss fights with fresh tamed and leveled dinos? You would lose many of your dinos every run if not get wiped most of the time. How many times after losing everything would you keep trying to run the BOSS fights? The Real issue limiting servers is that they allow 70 to 100 tribes per server. The math will never add up. 11 tribes with 500 tames will cap
  15. Sharing tame breeding lines between tribes Sharing tames between tribes Two reasons why I will never play this mode. Currently with how long it takes to breed anything useful in Ark, even with the multiplier, not allowing trading of dinos will prevent tribes from ever having anything valuable. There is too much RNG with wild tame stats and mutations. This will force tribes to just concentrate on a handful of dinos making the experience lame and repetitive.
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