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  1. If one likes surprises then they should not be watching any content that would otherwise spoil it. Self-control is the issue here.
  2. Cinnamongod

    PLEASE HELP Cryo-pod and New fridge “?”

    This does not seem to be the case but it would be a great idea. Even if it was another Tek device that had to be installed within range of the Cryofridges that could harvest Eggs, oil, paste, organic poly, etc... from the Cryoed dinos I would be happy with that. I am still disappointed though that the fridge needs a Tek Gen to operate which requires element. They need to make regular element transferable across arks. I would also like to see engrams being unlocked account wide so I could have a different character on each map feeding the others so I do not have to lose another while transferring from one ark to another.
  3. Cinnamongod

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    They are not OP just because they make getting eggs less tedious and more predictable. They are attempting to fix Ark's broken and inconsistent mechanics. Getting a lot of kibble fast happens already with players getting it from other players usually by whining and begging for it. Having a lot of eggs does not equal kibble though as you still have to maintain and acquire all the other ingredients as well as produce it. Pretending that getting eggs from a Vivarium is free is dishonest. Vivariums require Tek Generators which use Element. Element by far more expensive than meat and berries. As you admit tame cap will happen anyway so why do you care if it takes a little more time as it is inevitable? The solution to the problem is NOT to make gameplay significantly more painful to artificially slow progress. WC has to be told by its player base to actually fix the problem and years later they are implementing a sorta fix with Cyropods with no thanks to those who kept recommending that they make gameplay worse instead. I was not complaining I was pointing out a fact. I also never said it was the biggest problem. I said it was one of the biggest problems; big difference. Cyropods will improve things but there are still issues I am sure. It is unproductive to solely trash the mechanics especially when WC can just tweak a few aspects of them and they can be phenomenally better. What are you talking about "High tribe tame cap"? Tame caps are artificially low due to server and game constraints. Obviously players are very capable of dealing with many more Dinos they just need WC to properly implement game mechanics that enable players to do so without the negative side effects. "50" Dinos are you serious? That would make the game pointless! You must not have accomplished much on your own and you obviously do not breed Dinos. The past issue was never that players had too many dino's it was that WC allowed to many player per server. If they capped Tribes to 11 per server then every tribe can have the cap of 500 dinos and it will perfectly fit into the server cap of 5500 Dinos. They allow 70 - 100 Tribes per server for financial reasons not for player experience. It helps to understand the real problems so that you are not annoying the forums with irrelevant problems.
  4. Cinnamongod

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    Not really. The thread is more about Crypods fixing tame cap, not the actual tame cap issue. Stop trying to make my comments only about me when I specifically mention other players. It makes little sense. Official Server boost their rates almost every weekend and that when most players do the bulk of their taming proving that they do not like the rates either. Just because something is designed a specific way does not mean it should be. No one is forcing you to be on the forums to say non-sense either. Tame cap will not be any worse only worse temporarily. You are arguing about the speed at which cap happens which is not relevant. If players continue to stay on a server and play then they will eventually tame cap them. 5500 Dino's is not many Dino especially when a server allows 70+ players on it. The constant complaining for WC to harass players was only an attempt at a band-aid. The only real fixes had to come in the form of something like the Cyropod.
  5. It is going to take raising $80,000 to get to 8X times. I am not sure that will happen. It will also slowly increase 0.5X over time meaning that even if it gets to 8X it will only be for a few hours.
  6. Cinnamongod

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    You think spending 3 hours of your time makes it way too easy? I can accomplish much more in just about any other game. One of the biggest problems Ark has for some is how long everything takes in this game.
  7. Cinnamongod

    Put the ascendant color back to red

    I was under the assumption that they were trying to make it Platinum not Cyan. I personally hate Red and therefore disagree with that color representing most valuable items. I do not like that Blue represents crappy rare gear. I think it would make more sense to change the Cyan to actually be Platinum as it is a more valuable metal than Gold and Gold is currently Mastercraft.
  8. Cinnamongod

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    Not if the acquisition, building cost, and upkeep are high. If they are going to require a fuel like element to power them then for most this will change absolutely nothing. Also if these are Tek Engram unlocks then it depends which Bosses they are locked behind. Will we have to go to Extinction to unlock them? If so then they would be locked behind DLC that many may not buy. If they are available to unlock in all map boss fights then putting it behind something like the Hard Mode Dragon fight will make it completely inaccessible to most. They could easily mess this one up and unfortunately most likely will. They are going to want players to spend on the new DLC but hopefully, they realize that the QOL change will be important for all players and servers.
  9. The current Dino level cap is ridiculously low. I know, before people freak out, that basically all game content can be done with a current max level dino but that is not the point I am making. The issue I have with the current max level is that it causes unnecessary issues and only because the game is not scaled to the correct cap. 1. The first issue is that you can accidentally get your dino deleted if you level it to 450+. If the dino is born 379 or above then it can be leveled to a point of deletion. I have a mouse that will randomly double clicks and I could see a situation where even trying not to over-level it could happen anyways. I could also see many more people leveling up their Dino without thinking much about what they just did and having their dino disappear as a result. I feel this punishes the loyal player base out of the game designers laziness. 2. Once levels in a stat become sufficiently high enough this forces breeders to have to sacrifice others stats to accommodate out of priority. The end result is a Dino with all Health and Melee and basically nothing else. What is the point of the others stats if they have to be removed due to a pointless Dino cap? A player may even be damaging a Dino viability by cutting other stats like Food or Stamina too low. Why should we have to make these choices in the first place? 3. Breeding in Ark is ridiculously painful and one of the main reasons why I have trouble getting others even interested in this game. That being said breeding now represents an incredible time investment made by the player base and this investment is not respected by forcing players to make choices that shouldn't have to be made without this artificial limit that was placed upon them. The game already has a built-in Dino Level Cap due to max points in any stat being 192. So, based on that 192 * 7 + 1 = 1345 should be the real Dino Level Cap and this would cause none of the above issues. This would only require either the rebalancing of enemy encounters or new tiers of difficulty to be added.
  10. Cinnamongod

    How to fix players pillaring the maps

    The Cryopod in the Extinction DLC is a potential solution if they implement it and it is not prohibitively expensive. Not the solution I would have wanted but they are probably catering to the PVP crowd with this concept.
  11. Cinnamongod

    Tame cape Limit only 500 a tribe

    So I guess you are not doing the Dragon? This is an Island achievement as well as required to ascend. Megaceros alone will not do it. It is never a good idea to use a dino that you also need to replenish it if something unexpected were to happen. Good luck for most players doing Alpha Bosses with 11k HP 414 Melee Rexes. They will be wiped and lose everything. Bad advice. Having only two Rexes to replenish 19 is a painful way to do it. It will take weeks to recover from a failed Boss fight that way. Theris overweight very easily and so it is better to use the designated dino for the task. Ex. you are missing Bronto for berries. Quetzals take forever to raise. It is better to have a backup then to wait until tragedy. Plus Argies are better now for transporting most materials and they are not on your list. I am sure they are many more examples but I do not want to spend too much time on this. There should be no unnecessary dinos and I believe that is what the TLC's were trying to address. Why would a Kibble seller give free kibble to avoid competition? They would not be making anything if it was all free. Plus many people want to do things themselves because working on other players schedules sucks. Drama often ruins the ability to trade where if you have your own farm then that is a non-issue. Streamlining Ark to get players to the end as fast as possible is one of the quickest ways to kill this game. Once players feel done they stop playing. No need to worry about selling anything or dino caps at that point, it will be just single player. Colors make many dinos tolerable. If people force others to play the lame version of Ark then they will just quit or a competing game will steal unhappy players away. What WC really needs to do is to listen to its players and add a way to have all the dinos and colors without making dino cap an issue. I have proposed a possible solution many times like unlocking color channels and stats so players will not have to actively keep and care for hundreds of dinos.
  12. NO. Breeders are helping the players to do the upper-level content by breeding BOSS dinos and distributing them so others do not have to breed them. People just do not think about what they have and where it came from. Imagine running Alpha Boss fights with fresh tamed and leveled dinos? You would lose many of your dinos every run if not get wiped most of the time. How many times after losing everything would you keep trying to run the BOSS fights? The Real issue limiting servers is that they allow 70 to 100 tribes per server. The math will never add up. 11 tribes with 500 tames will cap the server so how many dinos can you have if you have 70 tribes; 78 dinos! As long as WC allows more than 11 tribes per server you will always have tame cap issues.
  13. Cinnamongod

    Arkaeology event only for steam and not for all.

    They spawn as you approach them. You cannot be flying that high above the ground or they will not spawn. If you must fly then fly rubbing the ground and they will spawn but you will be going fast so probably behind you. It is better to use a Rex as they will spawn right in front of you.
  14. You are taking what I said way out of context. The point I am making in this post is about comparing the Tek Trough to the Feeding Trough. You are talking about powering it which refrigerates the contents so it is not comparable. You are using a special case example when I am talking about feeding everything not just babies. At 1.0X the radius is exceptionally tiny so you would have to place the Tek Troughs right next to the Tek Generator which un-aesthetically pleasing as well as bad placement for feeding the rest of your dinos. It, for most, would only make sense to do something like this by building a second Tek Generator and additional Tek Troughs in another building or area for raising babies, then the problem of feeding all of your dinos still remains. This only adds 10 element per week, as you say, to the element you are going to have to spend if you replace your Feeding Troughs with Tek Troughs. I making the argument that the Tek Trough should function as a regular Feeding Trough when NOT powered. If so then it would be possible to replace existing troughs instead of adding Tek Troughs as well. P.s. For example in my base I had to add Tek Troughs next to my Feeding Troughs and the lowest radius I can use to power them is 6.4 which uses at least 4 element per day. This is far from 10 element per week as it would cost me at least 28 per week. Keep in mind I still have to use element to build with which is hundreds of them and the Tek suit and mounts also require element to work. The true element per week cost is not addressed by talking about only using a Tek Trough artificially close to the Tek Generator to feed babies.
  15. Cinnamongod

    Human speed nerf and Griffin nerf

    Griffin are not OP at all. Who cares about Human speed? IS this a PVP complaint and if so you need to specify that because it is not cool to mess with PVE because of what happens in PVP.