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MisbegottenAngel's Feedback

  1. TheRealGeo left Positive feedback   

    Trade went nice and smooth, no issues. Hopefully we can trade again.

    MisbegottenAngel was The Seller

  2. bennyrodz left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Another very successful trade. Was once again willing to come to me in order to trade, so extremely accommodating. Would highly recommend and will continue trading with her in the future. The best Wyvern breeder by a mile. Thank you so much.

    MisbegottenAngel was The Seller

  3. bennyrodz left Positive feedback for a topic   

    This person was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Went above and beyond any normal seller, gave me an unbelievable price as well as flying it all the way to my server to deliver. Will be shopping with them exclusively for a long time, and I suggest you do the same. If theres one thing I learned in this game, its you don't meet real genuine people often. This person is as trustworthy as they come, trade with them with absolute confidence!

    MisbegottenAngel was The Seller

  4. yekrucifixion187 left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure. Picked me up on spawn in and took me back for transfer out. First egg was female, knew I wanted make so bred again. Will do many more transactions with this great trader.

    MisbegottenAngel was The Seller

  5. PatersonRB980 left Positive feedback   

    Easy Trade . Ingots for eggs :)

    MisbegottenAngel was The Seller

  6. Leviathon121 left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth trade with this person. A nice trade for trade and if I come across anything new I will definitely be trading with them for sure

    MisbegottenAngel was Trading

  7. Leviathon121 left Positive feedback   

    Was very kind and polite. Came to me as I couldn't go to them at the moment. Would recommend trading with them and will do so again in the future.

    MisbegottenAngel was Trading

  8. yekrucifixion187 left Positive feedback   

    Came to server, willing to offload payment himself, professional and friendly. Look forward to future business.

    MisbegottenAngel was Trading

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