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  1. we saw a unicorn and want to tame it with kibble in the moment we feed the unicorn whith the kibble it instantly died ..... nothing attacks it and after 10 sec the bloody body disapears with out someone harvesting the the body i hope this get fixed fast pls
  2. Equus on SE ?

    i want to ask if someone see them on scorched earht?
  3. is there a way to recover charackter data

    mhm he quit ark now . i think its was completly his fault he sad he drunk to much and press the wrong button
  4. is there a way to recover charackter data on of my tribemember(lv95) died on server and then he had a lv 1 char . i dont know how this happend and why but can he get his char back ?and sry for my bad english skills
  5. Best Trades

    or breed wyvern you can trade almost anything for a good wyvern
  6. i love this tool thanks to it i have now baby rexs that are lv 300
  7. megalosaurus saddle bp

    was it a red cave loot crate or a normal red drop? .i search for a while now and find no BP
  8. Breeding rexes for Bosses

    we did broodmother with 20 rexs and 3 player . many rexs had only 15k life and 400%meele and had a saddle with 56 armor . on easy we did it with no problem and on medium we lost 3 rexs because of my bad movement with the rexs but i never did hardmode.
  9. BEST Looking Mutations in Ark

    http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/96103896467976019/487EEEB0BD9F83271F7DDADC59E37122E982B86E/ these are the best!
  10. i got my ascendant rex saddle blp from a underwatercave on the iland
  11. Wyvern colors

    wow look like a lightning wyvern really cool my best is a pretty white fire wyvern with orange on the wings but i dont have a picture:/
  12. Do all Dino's have color mutations?

    i think all dinos that you can breed can have mutations only wyvern cant get a mutation i think
  13. Official server rollback 4hours 719 i dont know why only 719 did get a rollback after the update but it suck preety hard for me and my tribe. we killt the manticore(hard) the first time and i was breeding rex and now we can do it all again . can some one tell me why 719 get a rollback ?