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  1. So I have recently bought a computer and have the Xbox Play anywhere version of Ark downloaded. If I want to set up a Ark server for me and my friends on my Xbox can i play on that server with them on my computer?
  2. Snapshot

    Master Zoologist achievement question

    Hi Spectral, I have the achievement on Xbox and I can tell you that you do have to have the Titan. I had tamed everything else but no achievement so I admit I spawned in a tamed Titan because I haven't found a good way of knocking the brute out solo. You have to get the wonderful Liopleurodon as well. Good luck finding one. That one and getting an onyc took way too long.
  3. So with the TLC 2 patch, I noticed when I was playing yesterday on my Sarco that you cannot do the 180 attack on it. This isn't the first time that a dino's ability is missing. The reaper king that you tame cannot roar like it can on PC. Is it due to not having enough buttons to map to or what?
  4. Snapshot

    Dino TLC Phase 2 Console

    Came out yesterday at 1pm est.
  5. Snapshot

    Most ANNOYING Thing About ARK?

    Other people can be quite annoying. I have complaints about the game but the award of most annoying goes to other people.
  6. Snapshot

    Most Used Creature (Any Map)

    Raptors are my favorite. Even if I have a Rex or something better i still use my raptor pack for meat runs, metal runs, anything.
  7. Snapshot

    pve New server

    I am interested as well. GT is SNAPSHOT56789
  8. Hey, I'm looking for a PvE server on Xbox as well. Mind dming me the rates and other info??
  9. Snapshot

    Whats yalls favorite armor

    Most of the time I run around in Flak but if I'm not outside my base I'll be running around in the desert. Flak just doesn't feel right to be wearing inside for me.
  10. Snapshot

    Why do tamed Griffins randomly just fly off?

    It's possible that it's either on neutral and was attacked while you were on it and flew back or it's a bug hard to tell.
  11. Snapshot

    Bionic Raptor Skin.

    It should appear in your inventory as soon as you respawn. So maybe die in the game then respawn at your base and it should appear.
  12. Snapshot

    Cloning a Reaper King?

    Those look awesome!
  13. Snapshot

    Can't seem to use Admin "kill" command on Rockwell

    If the kill command isn't working try spawning in a crazy high-level dino(Rex or Giga or even Reaper Queen should make quick work), enable infinite stats while riding it and profit?? Hope that helps.
  14. Snapshot

    "When I was a newbie..."

    When I first started I had no idea what I was doing so I just started running around punching dinos cause I hadn't read up on how to tame stuff. I learned very quickly a level 4 turtle will beat a level 10 human every single time.
  15. Snapshot

    How did you die last?

    I was mining for blue gems on abberation when a rock drake came up behind me. Silly me jumped off the cliff and then realized I didn't have my wing suit on. i survived then ended meeting a megalo. I am currently trying to find that megalo and rock drake for revenge purposes.