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  1. Short version: I finally built and placed Industrial forge in my compact metal base on a small platoe (semi-raidable by air, but not worth the effort, no loot stockpiling). Long Version: Ok, let's place a forge, but let's do it seamlessly and with fast unload in mind (so next to vault which is next to crafting). Oh, this vault is wrong place. let's remove it to replace a bit later. Ok, now I need to expand this base section to fit the forge, so let's demolish full 2-floored west side (with old fab and smithy). Almost there... eh, fridges are in bad place now, let's remove them too. 2 hours later after removing 2/3 of the roof and defences (not exaggerating): well, everything is in place, time to rebuild the outer wall from saved mats. A bit later: I don't have poly and crystal for new fridges? Some farming. At least it's done now and everything can be accessed conviniently.
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