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  1. Is there a feature list or content concept? I bought it because it hit on a day where I was like "hey I feel like playing Ark" but I have no idea what Genesis is supposed to be about.
  2. There is a reason they are known as "murder chickens".
  3. Pegos are bad, but at least they only run around on the ground. Ichthyornis require you to lay on your back and deflection shoot in the air and hope like hell they didn't jink like an ace fighter pilot. So. Much. Hate for them.
  4. I literally logged in to see if the S+ integration had ever been completed since it's been over a year... ...question answered.
  5. Are there any mods that make the UI for generating a PG "smarter"? I love the idea of exploring a map that is new when I want to dive into Ark again, but I hate that if you don't have one exact decimal set the right way, you wind up with 2 mile high mountains and no beaches.
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