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  1. system what ? pc of course its always pc ,.. day in day out has not been running properly for months now .
  2. WC maybe put some efford in it , servers down again And so the lag and the disconnections go on and on valguero 525 is down for the second time ,.. event is just few hours going !!! This is getting a frustration what can be the best game ever , is going down in history as the game with the most lag and disconnections!
  3. Still nothing .. are u guys ever going to be be consumer friendly ? or does it really take a lawsuit to make things work ?
  4. same on Valguero 525 its been going on for days . i assume servers are being monitored , so we dont have too fill in tickets every time if that even help cause i doubt they do something with it . filled in tickets about the server lag thats been going on for months as soon as 20 too 30 people are playing ,.. but they dont seem too care about thier custumers
  5. same for valguero 525 ,. been going on for days now , the server hasent been stable for moths ..if like 25 too 30 players are on is one big lag fest . And guess what nothing is happening no responding from wc . server crashes every 10 too 15 minutes .
  6. The servers have been unstable for months now , we want this fixed . I have heard all the excuses ," too much structures "."too much tamed dino's " blah blah blah . But i realy dont care what the problem is ,.. if these servers are not fit too run this game then rent better servers . Its the responsibility of WC to make this game playable , so fix it FFS
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