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  1. Do something against Manas vanishing

    I know that most of the funny "accidents" happening in Ark are things we player just have to take into account when it comes to playing the game, but I'm already so annoyed by this one. 3 days in a row we lost 3 manas already - why? Because of a combination of a bad decision (which the deathzone above the map on Extinction is in my opinion) WC made and the terrible server "quality" on official servers. I've been playing this game for years now, have a decent amount of hours and I'm used to all kinds of things like bugs, lags, char/dino losses, etc etc etc.. the list is long.

    This time though it is a bit different. You can't use your mana basically anywhere. On Scorched Earth they just vanish so we don't use them there at all anymore. But now on Extinction the same. We teleported with the mana (dismounted) - we arrived at the other teleporter, the mana didn't. No death msg, not at 50/50.. just gone. Day#2 & #3 both times the same. We used the manas to tame some snow owls, the server lags and eventhough we already know we have to be careful and don't jump further anymore, the mana is all of a sudden in the deathzone, dead and all of our things gone because we can't reach them anymore. Cryopods, armor, weapons, etcetcetc.. not even to mention the amount of hours spent raising the manas.

    This is completely ridiculous and ruins the fun completely. You can't let people buy a game and spent lots and lots of hours raising dinos, just to let them dissappear for no reason. The mana-vanishing (especially when porting) is a WELL KNOWN bug since months and it seems like nothing is changed to prevent this. I hope you are more lucky than we were. I have no idea to prevent unfair, sudden deaths because of the deathzone except just not using it anymore. And that on Extinction, the map it spawns even. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, SaltyMonkey said:

    Regardless of your individual situation, a despawned dino will remain against the limit. That’s the worst part, so if this issue was to happen frequently, it could deter people from freezing their dinos at all. It must be fixed.

    Oh you mean like that, where do you get that information from? From my point of view, it just got deleted like never existed.. If its the case what you say, then it would even be worse. ?‍♀️


  3. 8 hours ago, iStephano said:

    You may have done this i guess but have you gone out of render? It could "come back".

    But thanks for the heads up, got a lot of dinos in cryopod myself.

    Yes, we got out of render, logged in & out, tried to whistle/hit it (sometimes the snakes are just dissapearing and it helps to hit them when invisible to turn them visible again), also now a few hours later - still nothing & also nothing in the tribe log.

  4. 34 minutes ago, SaltyMonkey said:

    Dinos despawning in nothing new. If this happens to PvE players, the worse part is that while it was in the cryopod, it wasn’t against the tribe/server dino limit but as soon as it’s released, it then adds back to the limit, only to despawn without a trace and can no longer be removed from the limit.

    Hi, there was no server cap or tribe cap reached (we are far from both on our server). 

  5. We put our rex in a cryopod this evening to transport it to the base (tribelog is even showing that). After we arrived there, we wanted to get it out of the pod - pod was thrown, cryo-cooldown was shown in the right lower corner, but no Rex to be seen. It didnt fall through the map as far as we could see, it isnt at the previous spot where it was before we podded it, its not anywhere else in the base or showing anything in the tribelog other than that is was put into the pod. This was "only" a rex, if thats happening to a fully imprinted Giga or maybe a Wyvern, it would be even worse.

    Apparently dinos can just vanish when be thrown out of a pod, if thats rare or happening more often than we thought, I cant say, but just be warned when you put something into a cryopod - it might not come back. ;) 

    - reported as a bug & eventhough I'm not planning to get it back, hopefully its not happening to you ?

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