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  1. transfer problems right now having problems transfering kibble and dinos off servers some kibble at full spoil time keeps resetting to 15 min timer even after timer reaches 0 to transfer to another server . doing this with prime jerky as well but not regular jerky, and some raw meats ,also cant cryo the rock elementals on servers. btw these where pve servers fyi valguaro 1139 and genesis 1215
  2. NO OFFICIAL DEDICATED ARKS AFTER PATCH TO 544.22 i get 0/0 servers and 0 servers when i start ark i re-downloaded saved data no effect other servers are up All of them ,( unofficial pc, player dedicated, non dedicated ) just 0 servers for official dedicated, favorites
  3. New Maintenance update 11/30/2019 10 pm central time i am Now able to join back in the game version 541.7
  4. update was at 110 am central time for me 15 min no need restart they said, been getting kicked ever since . i have rebooted system - no effect, deleted cashe- no effect, reset setting = no effect, used an alt crafter toon to kill my main toon - No effect, my alt gets in game just fine but my main is still gliched keeps getting kicked.
  5. cant rejoin ps4 server since 541.61 update i was laying on my bed and now have rock on my body all my armour etc.. gone , cant move keep getting kicked as soon as i join server since maintenance update ps4 official valguero 1139
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