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  1. Hey Devs, I Run a Cluster of 4 Servers and i have 2 issues i could use some help with from a Dev's point of view, Please assist. 1. IS there a way to override the most recent plant species Z update or to set the health regen rate in the Game.ini settings? 2. It is a CONSISTANT issue with special events like valentines day and others when breeding is turned up that because of the settings we can not run the even due to mass breading. I dont mind the expedited breeding, however, some use it irresponsibly and so we end up having to wipe certain tames due to the fact somebody left something on breeding. We NEEED a command to destroy Unclaimed Dinos. This is an issue not just i face but most unofficial servers face that run any bit of a higher breed rate. I really hope we get some answers as this has been something i've called both nitrado support and reached out to Wildcard about and both have not been very helpful over. Thank you for your time!