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  1. Ive been thinking quite a bit about this recently and I decided I would like to become a GM. Over my 2 1/2 years of ark Ive loved the game through all the hate its gotten. I see people complaining about unfair GM's and I would love the opportunity to show people that GM's can be kind and help people, I would also love to give back to this amazing community that has given me so much enjoyment out of an amazing game. All I want to know is how I could apply for the opportunity to help others as a GM.
  2. the thing was, i had a high level character and i had a bunch of tekgrams unlocked. Also, due to the fact that my character was deleted, i was unable to defend my solo base... i ended up getting wiped so, wildcard better give me my stuff back
  3. That’s pretty dumb having to wait that long to play again
  4. I submitted a ticket on Saturday letting the devs know that my character and items were deleted, any ideas on how much longer i'm gonna have to wait? i haven't played since because i don't want to create a new character from lvl 1.
  5. yes they do. all you need is a cryopod
  6. well lets hope they see this (i doubt they will) ;)
  7. Ok, Lets make this short and easy to read. Why do console players not get any conquest servers but the PC players (who already have them) are getting more soon?
  8. how is it 3 years old if it was made july 1 2015 ? (its not even 3 years old yet including early access)
  9. im good with prettymuch any good tame
  10. yes please, if its on official pvp that is.
  11. i want sotf on console, even as an earlier version it would be awesome and i would deffenatly play it and so would others
  12. i think it would be nice if there were servers where it was pve on weekdays but pvp on weekends, and you could transfer to other official arks. it would help newer players start out more so than your new "fresh servers" because once theyre open mega tribes will just wipe the alphas of those servers, but on thease servers they can build more and have less of a chance of getting wiped because they can prepare better.
  13. can i get some screenshots of what the drops are like, i might have some friends and myself join if their decent to our standards
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