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  1. You can do this is you own the digital copy fpr xbox. You can download ark on pc from xbox store, then host on pc
  2. C4 is way too cheap to make for the amount of damage they do. Think about if you actually stacked the supports and put walls on them... you blow up the bottom support with just 3 c4 and the whole wall comes down...
  3. No they are nothing more then a line of code as CED has posted on Twitter. The whole reason they came up with cryo balls was to enable us to down size the space we need on server to cut down on server lag.
  4. A 30 day calendar when 2x and breeding events are going to take place as people request off work to take full advantage but some have to request off 3 to 4 week in advance! More Boosted breading rates! Also, NO UPDATES OR PATCHES DURRING A BREEDING EVENT!
  5. Also need to remove berry harvesting from tail swing again!
  6. What about new tribes that dont have the ability to defend themselves against a titan .. also, most times a titan is being downloaded its heavily defended or its being downloaded in the mesh
  7. I already posted this but yeah at very least make it possible for a tribe member to mount tame after argy picked up tame
  8. Explosive are way too op and need to be Nerfed! Stop crying about having to use c4 when everyone knows you use mecs and arthos to clear spam!
  9. Reduce TURRET CAP range! Just as it says... reduce the range of turret cap from 33 foundations to 21 foundations apart. Also, add a cap range finder when placing turrets so we can see where they are going to intersect one another.
  10. Not only increase the damage but reduce explosive and arthos damage in general!
  11. The titans should never had been made tamable! Even the storyline say they had to be killed to fight the king... its easier to tame a titan then a Titanosaurus and they deal way more damage and have way more help making the Titanosaurus obsolete! It would be much better if instead of trying to balance them in any way, if they would just make them untamable! So many times i hear new tribes trying to make a go at ark just to get wiped by a titan, makes the game unplayable for new players!
  12. Even if not tek for the smoker, fridge and chem bench but and Industrial version of each would be great!
  13. Its not a good idea to suggest multiple ideas in one post. They are looking for individual ideas for people to vote on... posts with multiple suggests may lose out on votes cause they dont like one or more suggestions.
  14. Personal Tek Telaporter Please create and add a PERSONAL TELAPORTER PAD to the game! Make it where it can be place on a single foundation with walls around it. This personal Telaporter would have a built in generator with an power out put of a tek generator on the lowest setting. This teleporter would accept element, element shards and element dust to power. It should also have the ability to be powered by a tek generator as well. This teleportor would allow you to teleport to the full size and allow the full size would to teleport back to the personal teleporter but wont teleport tames with you.
  15. All im saying is they need to make the kibble rework a TIERED SYSTEM. Dodo eggs and alike should tame stuff like pteras, ankys, dodic ect.. Things that dont make sence: Most tames lay the eggs needed to tame them Parasaur egg is extra small There is no dino on ABERRATION lays eggs to make Exceptional kibble! And for those who ask wheres the feed back back in testing.... im on console, i had to rely on pc players to look at all aspects of this rework and make things like this known to wild card! Had they created test servers on both consoles im sure things would have been different
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