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  1. Send me a message on psn or discord. Contact:PSN - mong1991Discord - Mong1991#5609
  2. Recruiting again now with all new rates and dinos.
  3. Still recruiting guys! New events coming soon too!
  4. Yes, still running 2x maturation.
  5. Hey, send me a message on psn or discord and I'll talk to you on there. The map will be staying as ragnarok but will possibly be changing to DLC maps for weekend events if it works.
  6. 5 new players joined since original posting. Server is growing fast!
  7. [PVE] PC Hosted Nitrado PVE The Center Server. 20 slot server. Currently have roughly 10 active players, always looking for more. The server has every tameable Dino spawning on The Center map, including Scorched Earth and Aberration dinos. Leedsichthys and Ichthyornis spawns are disabled, because let's face it, no one likes them. Custom loot beacons include DLC items, kibble and minimum apprentice level loot. Join the server any time, just search for the server name below. Server name: Midgard 15x, Aberration Dinos, Custom Beacons. The server rates are as follows: 180 Max wild dino level. 10x Experience. 15x Harvesting. 30x Taming with 0.5x Dino food consumption (Equal to 15x Taming) 15x Maturation. 1000x Egg hatch/Gestation speed. No breeding cooldowns. 0.2x Player water and food drain. 4x Spoil timers. Some boosts to player and dino stats. Friendly admins and players. Discord server available with trading post, general server chat and server news. If you would like to know more, contact using the details below. Always happy to help with further questions Contact: PSN - mong1991 Discord - Mong1991#5609 Or private message on here.