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  1. Hey, send me a message on psn or discord and I'll talk to you on there. The map will be staying as ragnarok but will possibly be changing to DLC maps for weekend events if it works.
  2. 5 new players joined since original posting. Server is growing fast!
  3. [PVE] PC Hosted Nitrado PVE Ragnarok Server. 20 slot server. Slot count will be increased depending on demand, anywhere up to 100 slots. Boosted rates: 5x EXP. 5x Harvesting. 16x Taming. 0.25x Wild Dino food consumption. (Taming and Consumption equal roughly 4x taming overall) 4x Spoil timers. 2x maturation. Instant egg hatch. No breeding cooldowns. 0.75x Player water and food drain. Slight boosts to player speed and weight. Highly boosted fortitude. Daily events and fighting pits award our server currency, which can be saved up and used to purchase weapons, Armor, blueprints and high level dinos. Donations are welcome to help with the cost of running the server, monthly raffles will be held for donaters with high level prizes (higher level dinos, 100% imprints, Dino recolour and more) Friendly admins and players. Discord server available with details of server rates, rewards and events. Starter packs including rifle, tranq darts, metal tools, 2x2 stone base, Dino gates for basic Dino storage, a starter argy and a few other bits and bobs are available if required. All other requests will be considered. If you would like to know more, contact using the details below. Always happy to help with further questions Contact: PSN - mong1991 Discord - Mong1991#5609 Or private message on here.