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  1. Jen, is it possible to look at having Question threads "viewed by date" as the default setting and not "viewed by rating" on the forum? Or maybe there's a way to get upvoted posts moved up and downvoted posts stay where they are? I know the rating system is designed to send the best reply to the top but right now it just means controversial or trolling posts appear and act as if they are the latest post in the thread. Then they get replied to every few days meaning a kind of endless cycle. This thread is a perfect example of a steady stream of people always "biting" to the lowest rated answer every few hours since it appears as the last thing posted even though it is approaching a week old.


    Thanks for your consideration :) and keep up the good work.

    1. SallyAnn


      Aww, I see you are already all over the issue and have disabled the voting so it'll just be few legacy threads with this issue, you guys rock <3

    2. Jen


      Hey SallyAnn! We definitely noticed this issue, it was something that we were trying out on the Xbox thread as we thought it might encourage other people to answer questions, but it mostly just made having conversations more confusing hehe. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though! I appreciate it.

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