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  1. For what i know of its still active since i was testing it out with a friend. Didnt start it but u can request it still.
  2. I use the cryopod. I am speaking about others that will refuse to and use the server dino cap. I was making a statement that ark is part of our lifestyle for us official players Me hooked, uhh how long u been playing? I played since the beginning. Hooked is gone many years ago. You have no choice but to reset timers anyways and if you got many dinos. I am pretty sure you know it takes not only 10 mins to farm meat but close to 20 to 30 minutes or more when you raise. Again, how long have you played? Lol i never said they arent doing great. They are doing great now but for 3 to almost 4 years nope. If played back when legacy was the original official servers. Then you will know we practically helped make the game from our knowledge and experiences in ark. If you aren't a veteran from then know this. Devs are the ones that came in and spawned in over powered quetz and gigas..thats a good job to seperate the servers? Lol. I respect them as much as i can like everyone else. JAT and I had a conversation before what might or cause issues.. and i do all this for free not like others to get money to expose exploits. You have to admit and if u dont u are lying. U never ever once get annoyed of laag, blue screen, connection timed out and this includes single player and nondedicated as well at almost everytime at the same spot? If u seriously dont. Go to the center and fly through mid jungle multiple times, go to the artifact of the pack cave and tell me u never blue screen at entrance(because this has been an issue since ark came out. Fact.) What i wrote from my previous post might have been a rant but it's also an idea for wildcard regarding to the warfare system. Just like what @BadBunny said is the exact and perfect example of nonrespectable trolls to brand their toxic behavior. Again, for the respect. Us veterans still loyal and play should be respected too. Since we helped them with the game as if we were lab rats..smh maybe get your facts before you bring up respect. Respect aint free. Like i said i respect them up to a certain point. If you reallly know ark. Then you will know nothing gets fixed unless an ark youtuber post the issues. There has been a long period it was not shown until the issue became huge. Obviously and apparently people who dupe do a better job as a QA since they seem to try all sorts of stuff often to figure something out..losers only dupe.. i may have said alot from my previous post and now but read carefully what the point is for us PVE players to defend ourselves from trolls and toxic players. No warfare. More trolls. More trolls. More snitches..more snitches. More paranoia. I can bring up so many examples u wouldnt be able to justify any of the issues i mentioned. Not saying u but obviously if a person cant justify regarding to the issues then they are just mad because they are wrong without even knowing themself. Have fun if u agree to this warfare system. No point of OP dinos then Maybe it will be easier for u to not keep up with the trending stat dinos since u wont need it. I can only agree what @BadBunnysaid is probably the best option.
  3. That is just nonsense getting rid of war in PVE. You are basically asking for the server to be capped. You mind as well put offline protection in PVP since players just raid offline players. Dont expect someone to have a forcefield in 1 day. We got life and bills to pay to play. Ark takes up so much of our time its part of our lifestyle now. What happened to the response you GM's give out to others saying "you should be more careful who you bring or alliance with"???? You guys got more issues in hand like people selling for real money you urgggg. Its the players ungrateful lifestyle that choose to be bad. We all know ark bring the real personality out of you. I in one hand is loyal and solo and never been wiped because i use my brain who i alliance with. Common sense. Player who just accept alliances from start are straight noobs and dont use their brain. DO WE AMERICA OT ANY OTHER COUNTRIES ALLIANCE WITH OTHER COUNTRIES RIGHT AWAY? NO. Either war happens or in time trust is gained. YOU MIND AS WELL GET RID OF ALLIANCES that will literally solve the issue or have the alliances not be part of the war. Done. Bring it back to the old days One on One..poop.."ohh violence is bad" pleaseee....other reasons why I say getting rid of the war is absurd it's because you are now going to have people use more profanity. Which will cause you WILDCARD to do more work on tickets with players abusing to be internet bullies with excessive profanity. Did you not think of those issues? If you want to get rid of war. Then get rid of alliances being part of the war. Since that is the main cause of this sneaking around, insiding and pretending to be "friends" to wipe players who wont accept war but talk big. Or have an option for alliance to say yes or no to be part of the war since i understand not everyone is confident and just want to play ark. Whats the point of having OP dinos now? Only bosses? You asking for people to be hoarders Smh. Make an arena or area thats pvp zone like The division or your Mobile Ark having an area. Future issues: 1. Excessive profanity 2. Server dino cap(its the players choice to cryopod them or not so you can abuse your power and make them) 3. More ticket more work for you Wildcard. Us veterans since legacy WAS official went through the ups and downs. I am not just thinking of the players, i am also thinking for you WILDCARD. I promise you, you will have more issues and tickets. Honestly just say it. You guys don't want to see these complaints of these war issues. You mind as well get rid of transfering since you cant fix duping..STILL. whats next true official servers next? DON'T FORGET WHAT YOU FIRST STARTED. THIS IS A SURVIVAL GAME...SURVIVAL. For you cry babies being happy. It's cause you are noobs and cant do poop to survive. If you cant survive in game, just delete the game. U cant survive real life. I just want to curse and all...this is what i mean wildcard. You will have people like me and others being upset...not just for us but for you and for players like me and other protecting their friends and true alliances from players who talk to talk and cant walk to walk..think of the options i gave while you disable it. Seriously simple...poop...i gave more ideas and exploits to JAT and I dont even have a computer science degree or any of that poop. I may not be the reason but i for sure know I gave a great point from the recent issues of the longneck and rifle not to roll back PVE SINCE THE RATIO OF ANGRY PLAYERS IS HIGHER THAN PVP SINCE IT WAS A PVP ISSUE. Boom no rollback. Now go survive you noobs and go tame yourself a dodo. Smh use your brain.. for you young kids..u shouldnt be playing this..young kids too innocent and its real bad to learn to be toxic...in a few years they will be toxic in every game..
  4. What u mean transfer out is august 5th. Its already possible for ps4. DILO? I got so many eggs already and u can already upload. What u mean August 5th transfers out. Take that incorrect info out. Smh. Back to square one with incorrect info. Smh
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