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  1. @Jkellz I've had this problem in the past only thing I can recommend is checking if your ISP is blocking ports. I also know that some have reported that using a VPN works as well.
  2. Could not retrieve address error. I think it's time this is really beat into the ground. This error plagues some people. I'm not talking about the normal address error, the one that needs to be looked into is when you can't join ANY server except for a few odd ones. This has been going on since day 1 and should not be a problem anymore. I would like to know whether it's a WC thing or my own ISP thing.
  3. @backpe @fr3sh0ffDaBoat @CptFlorida have you tried checking if your Internet Service Provider is blocking ports?
  4. You might wanna double check that servers are enabled again. Xbox pve Center 101 transfers are disabled. And it's not just that one. @Adam
  5. If there was a way to take everything to a nitrado server I would do it in seconds.
  6. I would like to see these updated. As it stands right now, no fliers and nothing can be teleported without going straight through the bubble to the water. You also can't deploy cryo pods in them either. These have so much potential.
  7. @CLAYTON1846And anyone else that sees this, I encourage you to change your IP address. Turning your router on and off won't do it your ISP has to do it. Give it a shot it worked for me.
  8. @CLAYTON1846 I have no idea why it is that we can join those servers but not the rest. Only thing I could think of is IP address causing an issue? I use the same Xbox at my in-laws and it works fine. Never get the "could not retrieve address" error at all. So I know it's not my Xbox. Plus the last time this happened after about a week I was able to get back in again.
  9. @CLAYTON1846 did you happen to check your IP address before it happened again?
  10. Also don't bother with resetting xbox/router. Doesn't work I've done it 50+ times never does anything. You can however (if at all possible) go to a friend's/family members house that has a different ISP provider than you and you'll be able to get on to any server you try to join. Been told that signing into your account from a different ISP can actually fix this problem.
  11. So, after being able to get in for a bit it happened again. To all those that are experiencing this on Xbox besides being able to join OC servers, are you able to join PVE NA island server 212? I know this sounds funny but I've narrowed down servers that are joinable when this is happening. Also, are any of you able to visit Nitrados actual website on the same internet that your Xbox is using? I've looked around on forums and from what I'm hearing there's a big possibility that this is a Nitrado problem.
  12. I'm having this same issue myself now for the past 5 days. BUT I have narrowed it down to my ISP, I went to my in-laws they have a different ISP and also tried using my wife's hotspot. Both worked. I was able to go to any server not just OC. So I'm asking if anyone on WC Dev team would have any clue what to tell them? As I said this my ISP problem they're waiting to here ideas and wanting to to help. @Jen @lilpanda
  13. Last Thursday I did a trade on xbox official pve island server 212. Since then I've been getting the "could not retrieve address" error. And for some odd reason the only servers I can join are that server and only OC servers. I can also join any unofficial server. I've called my ISP provider changed my IP address, restarted my Xbox and router dozens of times. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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