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  1. Wow no evo event again so we get 4 + weeks of no evo to get 1 week of evo. Normally these events are longer and we at least get an Evo every couple weeks this kinda sucks not gunna lie. Im still thankful for everything wildcard does but this does kinda suck IMO. It is what it is I guess. Not gunna cry about it but I am a little disappointed. I work a lot so this is not very much time to play and I really enjoy the boost from evo to get stuff done on the weekends like I am sure many others to do.
  2. Cannot get on to grab one of my characters to do resets. Server has been down for at least a couple days. Have made server outage reports but not fix yet. Please fix soon so I can get some resets done. Please and thanks
  3. I also just mutagen'd a 1285MD giga for 99 mutagen which was obviously raised. I got a 1295.9 MD from the process I just tested this on official.
  4. use magmasaurs now and the largest density of nodes are the asteroids closest to the middle bridges in space. Trust me I can farm a couple k mutagel on 1x and double that now on 2x also a great way to get amber if your raising magmas in gen 2 you will get a ton.
  5. I had this happen today I fixed this by emptying the rep and picking it up in storage mode on the exo mek and then replacing it
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